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Topic subjectHaha appreciate the response man.
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3042608, Haha appreciate the response man.
Posted by Brew, Sat Apr-22-23 03:25 PM
And I know what I was getting into, but didn't mind spending the time posting anyway cuz like I said at the very least I have a reminder for the next few weeks to continue to play this shit that I love and that gives me that boost of nostalgia for when my music journey began. Plus it's just fun for me to get into detail about this music. But I *was* thinking, as I typed out this post, that I wish R-Tistic was still active here haha - I know he'd have contributed some useful info and probably some songs too.

Re: Snoop/Dre/DR v. Common, I'm both haha. Common's still my favorite all time MC.

I started with the west coast, did some mainstream stuff, then got into the Soulquarian/Rawkus/etc. stuff after that and branched out from there throughout, of course. But I often say g-funk and neo-soul were and are my favorite all time hip-hop sub genres. Those may seem like mismatches, but I think the groovy/funky west coast stuff and the soulful/jazzy neo-soul Souquarian era stuff have a lot of similarities with regard to vibes and melodies.