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Topic subjectEgg-Zack-Lee "Psychoanalysis" Would've Been It
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3042773, Egg-Zack-Lee "Psychoanalysis" Would've Been It
Posted by Dj Joey Joe, Tue May-09-23 10:47 PM
>"That" being that Stakes would've sounded just like
>Psychoanalysis. IIRC, during his season of What Had
>Happened Was he said that his mental state during the
>making of Psycho.. was poor because he was fed up with
>the industry and he was also low because he had no idea
>where his career was headed.

Yeah "Psychoanalysis" was the sound he was into, even if Maseo & Posdnuos contributed to the production as well, it would've had a not so hard but dark; De La Soul needed to catch up to the late 90's commerical boom-bap sound to stay relevant instead of going the indie underground direction.