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Topic subjectGreat question. Think I agree w/Original Juice, mostly.
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3042560, Great question. Think I agree w/Original Juice, mostly.
Posted by Brew, Wed Apr-19-23 01:42 PM
I think PP has even said (maybe it was during his season of What Had Happened Was) that he was looking to continue on with the more light hearted approach they'd taken on those first 3 albums, but that De La had kinda moved past that. They were fed up with label politics etc. and not feeling playful lol.

I also think they wanted to take more control on the production side in terms of just creating the beats, so Paul stepped aside. From what I understand, there was no animosity; he said he thought it made sense and that they were "ready" to take the reigns completely.

And while I love love love all the work they've done since, I do think that Paul's input and light-hearted approach is exactly what made De La so damn unique on those first 3 albums. For as great as they are, everything that came after Buhloone was more "traditional" boom bap and stripped away what made them so singular on those first 3 albums.

And what's so interesting to me is that, it's not like Paul's more lighthearted approach to his production took away DLS' ability to hit on darker topics, quite the opposite. That's what made it all the more impressive. Millie, Basehead, Say No Go, etc. ... all songs with heavy subject matters but beats that sounded almost playful. Yet somehow the songs never came across as tone deaf or insensitive. Incredible balancing act they were able to pull off there.

Anywya, just an observation re: w/Paul vs. after Paul. Not a complaint at all, I want to make that very clear. I love all their music. And I think they did bring back some of the lightheartedness on AOI: MT. But I do wish they did more work together and hope they have some in the vault they can release at some point. They just had such perfect synergy.