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Topic subjectNew releases April 2023
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3042429, New releases April 2023
Posted by A Love Supreme, Tue Apr-04-23 11:56 AM
Recommend and discuss releases you're exited about!

Hope everyone is doing well.

3042432, RE: New releases April 2023
Posted by doitall76, Tue Apr-04-23 08:18 PM
Yaggfu Front - The Secret Tapes (Remastered)

I apparently really missed this release the first time around. Mad dope, wasn't on my radar but glad it landed.

3042499, Shame Gang - Better Late Than Never
Posted by DJR, Fri Apr-14-23 07:46 PM
In terms of features, he’s got 3 of my favorites: Skyzoo, Big Pooh, and Lute on here. Chaundon is his manager. Saw him perform opening for Pooh last year. Thought his last album was decent, but was impressed by his performance at the show I saw. This album is a big step up, IMO.
3042515, Feist - Multitudes
Posted by thebigfunk, Sun Apr-16-23 12:44 PM
Do yourself a favor and dig in, if you haven't yet.

She's the artist I love to forget about for a year or two then rediscover through something old or something new. Then do it all over again.

Because she is JUST SO GOOD. This one's no exception.


~ i could still snort you under the table ~
3042529, Illa J & Harleighblu - Second Round
Posted by doitall76, Tue Apr-18-23 07:58 AM
Giving this my first listen. But, I have dug his projects, especially Home.

3042531, National Information Society - Since Time is Gravity
Posted by thebigfunk, Tue Apr-18-23 10:41 AM
For the jazz-ish heads --- top-notch.

Their last record was great, too. Didn't realize the musicians change a fair amount from record to record, with Joshua Abrams at the helm. Seems to work well.

Recommended for an extended journey w/some drone-ish elements: "Murmuration" - https://youtu.be/R1MtF_qYwCs


~ i could still snort you under the table ~
3042540, Lady Wray - Joy and Pain (Pete Rock Remix)
Posted by phemom, Tue Apr-18-23 07:50 PM

...Pete remixes never miss.
3042694, jessie ware - that feels good
Posted by Robert, Fri Apr-28-23 04:34 PM
many try the disco revival thing nowadays..with lots of misses, but this one is popping for me--good listen whole way through
3042713, Fatlip & Blu - Live from the end of the world
Posted by A Love Supreme, Tue May-02-23 11:42 AM
I'm digging this alot.


3042847, Really digging the beat
Posted by obsidianchrysalis, Thu May-18-23 05:03 PM
Madlib delivers as usual. Blu comes off well here too. I like having Fatlib on this song out of nostalgia, but I wish his delivery was more focused. Seemed like he couldn't maintain his energy or breath throughout.
3042844, “5 Lbs Of Pressure “ - Knowledge The Pirate
Posted by ProgressiveSound, Thu May-18-23 10:50 AM
More of that dopeness.
Very solid release
3042903, Kool Keith & Real Bad Man - Serpent
Posted by A Love Supreme, Thu May-25-23 09:58 AM
It's got a verse from Edan!