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3042878, Crazy Arguements
Posted by doitall76, Tue May-23-23 03:53 PM
I personally very much like Blowout Comb, but when you look at the albums that came out in 1994:
Ready to Die
Hard to Earn
The Main Ingredient
Super Tight
The Diary

It is very hard for me to say that Blowout Comb tops the list, but I understand the feeling. Resurrection, Main Ingredient, and Southernplaylistic get the most play for me.

How the hell do we try to make definitive statements on such an interpretive subject matter???? This is art, ART! Art is interpretive, art is something that hits people differently. Someone from the south is likely going to state that Outkast or Scarface or UGK had the best album, and to them they did.

Stop trying to tell people that their feeling is wrong, or that your opinion is fact. No your opinion is an opinion based on how that album connected to what you were going through at that time.

I am happy that we got to experience Digable's albums, because they were dope as hell. I can tell you exactly where I was when I heard 9th Wonder (Blackitolism) "Jazzy Joyce on the wheels, no one smoother, phatter than a '94 Land Cruiser". That in itself tells me how dope it was, it imprinted on me. Dope album.