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Topic subjectA brand like "Jazzmatazz" ??
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3041752, A brand like "Jazzmatazz" ??
Posted by My_SP1200_Broken_Again, Mon Feb-06-23 10:39 AM
>denotes "going all-in"
>Tribe and Gang Starr kept wanting to be "regular" hip-hop.

Bullshit. Jazzmatazz, We got the Jazz.. whatever.. they were both seen as Jazzy Hip hop.. DP however was on some gimmick shit which they abandoned on their 2nd LP before disappearing. I get it though, DP had a "hit" record and caught a grammy so the pop world see's them as most important lol.

>You got to recognize when a group goes "all-in" with a style.
>None of the others (besides US3 maybe) went "all-in"

again.. thats bullshit