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Topic subjectThank You, Black Thought for releasing solo projects
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3036970, Thank You, Black Thought for releasing solo projects
Posted by nativesun07, Wed Mar-02-22 12:31 PM
Them shits was dope!
I do a lot of wanting and wishing and hoping and what-ifing on these boards
I forget that this is a good place to be grateful to the artists for fulfilling those wishes
3036980, Good post
Posted by obsidianchrysalis, Wed Mar-02-22 10:44 PM
I know I get fickle as a music fan when projects don't turn out like I want them to.

So, it makes it more important to show props for the artists who put out dope shit. Especially those who do so consistently at a high level like Thought.
3037000, speaking of “Thank You”…my fav. joint off volume 1
Posted by DJR, Thu Mar-03-22 08:56 PM
3042492, upping just because we waited SO LONG for these pieces of work
Posted by nativesun07, Fri Apr-14-23 12:41 PM
Haven’t even listened yet and I’m appreciative
3042504, talk about long awaited....
Posted by My_SP1200_Broken_Again, Fri Apr-14-23 11:24 PM
...and I still havent sat down with them smh (and I KNOW they're dope)

3042506, RE: Thank You, Black Thought for releasing solo projects
Posted by spidey, Sat Apr-15-23 02:42 PM
Appreciative, and just as thankful that he has chosen to work with producers that compliment him…Peace??!!?
3042507, Streams of Thought Vol. 4 on the way
Posted by Johnny, Sat Apr-15-23 02:46 PM

Man he's been blessing us these last few years. Thought's on an incredible run right now


Big K.R.I.T., Yasiin Bey, Rick Ross, Curren$y and more are scheduled to appear on upcoming Black Thought album Streams of Thought Vol. 4.
Black Thought has more heat on the way. While The Roots frontman is releasing collaborative album Glorious Game with El Michels Affair on Friday (April 14), he’s planning a forthcoming solo project Streams of Thought Vol. 4.

Produced entirely by Detroit musician 14KT, Streams of Thought Vol. 4 is slated to feature Rick Ross, JID, Redman, Fabolous, Big K.R.I.T., Curren$y, Pharoahe Monch and Tobe Nwigwe.

“I never knew dude. I wasn’t familiar with his work. But I’ve got lots of connections to Detroit — family, longtime friends. DJ Jazzy Jeff does these retreats at his home annually where he flies in writers, producers from all over the world,” Thought recently told The Fader about 14KT.

Also appearing on the LP is Black Star member Yasiin Bey (formerly known as Mos Def), on a song that Thought says will “represent a seismic shift in the game.” Apparently he has been sitting on the track for a few years.

“KT sent me this beat to a song called ‘Blaaaaack!,’ and that became the first song I recorded, me and Yasiin Bey, on Streams of Thought Vol. 4,” he recently told The FADER. “It’s a timeless classic. It’s been in my vault for a couple years already.

He continued, “It could come out at any point in time, and it’ll still represent a seismic shift in the game just because of how powerful it is and what it speaks to. I was like, ‘Yo, if this is what the process is gonna be like, let’s keep it rolling, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom.’”
3042508, Hearing Fabolous on a 14KT beat is gonna be surreal.
Posted by phemom, Sat Apr-15-23 05:01 PM
Just two different sectors for rap I didn't think would cross.

Once Vol. 4 drops I think that will be the last Black Thought project that we know about....wonder who's next?
3042509, RE: Hearing Fabolous on a 14KT beat is gonna be surreal.
Posted by Original Juice, Sat Apr-15-23 05:36 PM

>Once Vol. 4 drops I think that will be the last Black Thought
>project that we know about....wonder who's next?

Hopefully, Black Milk.. or Inflo.

The Madlib or Alchemist album pairings seem almost cliche' at this point, but I wouldn't be mad at either of these 2.
3042513, Inflo would be a dream.
Posted by phemom, Sun Apr-16-23 02:39 AM
Wouldn't even need many outsiders either, just Little Simz, Kid Sister and of course Cleo Sol and that's a can't miss.

Since Kid Sister popped up on Cheat Codes I'd like to think Black tapped in right?
3042518, man listen...
Posted by Beamer6178, Mon Apr-17-23 12:54 AM
>Just two different sectors for rap I didn't think would
>Once Vol. 4 drops I think that will be the last Black Thought
>project that we know about....wonder who's next?

3042799, ive been waiting for Black and Nickel since 2016
Posted by cgonz00cc, Thu May-11-23 05:53 PM
3042802, Sheeeeit how'd I miss that post. Two of the best ever.
Posted by Brew, Fri May-12-23 08:18 AM
Would love to her a joint album.
3042510, Crazy!
Posted by BNueve, Sat Apr-15-23 08:37 PM
14KT is a favorite of mine. Been listening to his instrumental album from last year a lot lately. Always checking for anything from him, but to hear Black Thought over his beats?!? Definitely looking forward to that.
3042512, Damn - that’s already my favorite one!
Posted by nativesun07, Sat Apr-15-23 09:29 PM
Features are crazy
3042516, RE: Streams of Thought Vol. 4 on the way
Posted by spidey, Sun Apr-16-23 12:59 PM
14kt! Can’t wait…
3042517, That just reminded me that KRIT was on undun
Posted by DJR, Sun Apr-16-23 09:23 PM
Hadn’t thought about that in many years.

3042527, I loved that album
Posted by guru0509, Mon Apr-17-23 10:31 PM

I can’t remember what OKP thought of it but it was amazing for me

>Hadn’t thought about that in many years.
3042842, I wanted to, but I didn’t
Posted by DJR, Wed May-17-23 08:12 PM
I loved Kool On, Make My, and One Time.

Second half of the album kinda lost me.

3042519, It seems like that 10 minute freestyle and the response to it ...
Posted by Brew, Mon Apr-17-23 10:23 AM
... really motivated him, made him realize he's way more important and great than he even realized. Thank god that happened. This has been a great and long overdue run.
3042549, Also
Posted by Johnny, Wed Apr-19-23 01:48 AM
don't forgot about those J. Period mixtapes.

He and J. Period released the James Brown themed tape in 2020 and the Dilla one last year. So yeah he's going crazy with the releases right now. We are definitely lucky to witness it all
3042785, So grateful for this crazy good run! However,
Posted by spitfire, Thu May-11-23 07:18 AM
I've been waiting on the official version of this for at least 15 years: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8-jvGQiFOl8

Can't believe Inell Young's OG isnt even on Spotify.

Either way that Masterpiece Theatre jawn would have had some gems on it. I still have the Hardware 12 somewhere
3042787, I wish that MMJB Mixtape was on streaming services
Posted by makaveli, Thu May-11-23 08:31 AM
3042808, That was flames
Posted by obsidianchrysalis, Sat May-13-23 07:29 PM
I wore a groove in my MP3 player, playing that mixtape. Thought was a monster.
3042853, absolutely
Posted by Ashy Achilles, Fri May-19-23 10:54 AM