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Topic subjectMethod Man still spitting fire three decades in (link)
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3036456, Method Man still spitting fire three decades in (link)
Posted by spirit, Wed Jan-26-22 10:45 PM

The guy is underrated. He’s been bodying verses for three decades now

3036459, It's crazy, when Wu first came out he was the clear
Posted by Adwhizz, Thu Jan-27-22 03:20 PM
breakout star, and he's probably been the most commercially successful but people kinda stopped checking for him after a while.

Dude never fell off and has been getitng nicer and nicer with the wordplay.
3036462, RE: Method Man still spitting fire three decades in (link)
Posted by spidey, Thu Jan-27-22 06:02 PM
Agreed...beast, always said Mos Def and Method could have been in GOAT conversations if they really wanted it. In Meth's case, he just never released a solo classic to be anywhere near the crown...talent wise though on the MIC, incredible...
3036463, He’s the Vince Carter of hip-hop
Posted by Anonymous, Thu Jan-27-22 07:07 PM
I always said that.

Human highlight real and everyone’s favorite. Just doesn’t have that championship = classic album
3036475, wasnt too impressed with this one
Posted by go mack, Fri Jan-28-22 01:22 PM
but overall I agree, Meth has always been a fav of mine. I did use to be a Meth > Red guy mainly cuz his voice is awesome but I put Redman over him now just cuz Red's first 4 album run is so much better with 2 classics imo while Tical is a personal classic to me, I can see why some don't put it that high.
3036489, He’s definitely gotten better with age.
Posted by tariqhu, Mon Jan-31-22 12:38 PM
This is one of my favorite verses from him.


He’s cut out profanity on most of his later verses. Seems like that’s helped with the bars.