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3036320, some initial listening thoughts
Posted by thebigfunk, Sat Jan-15-22 08:23 AM
Bonobo - sick, as expected. Will take some time to sink in but a top-to-bottom listen.

Cordae - didn't know this was dropping. I really liked his debut overall and had high hopes for his full-length follow-up but ... this really didn't do much for me on first listen, and I flat out skipped a few tracks (I think I got 30 seconds into the track w/Gunna, lol -- that shit was super sloppy). And I hate to say it, but what made him attractive as a lyricist early on in terms of thematic content (honesty, self-awareness, even a bit of vulnerability) is getting to feel a bit gimmicky/emo for him at this point. But first listen and there's enough here to give it more time.

Musalini/9th - some of these beats are the best I've heard from 9th in a while, so why the f did he waste them on Musalini? Have some self-respect, lol. If this were a beat tape, I'd be all about it. As it is, this is pretty forgettable. (Is that a khruangbin sample on the first or second track, the guitar-laced one? Or am I just starting to think every guitar track today sounds like a Khruangbin sample?)


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