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Topic subjectNew Release Friday 2022-01-14
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3036302, New Release Friday 2022-01-14
Posted by thebigfunk, Fri Jan-14-22 10:36 AM
There's some stuff out there for sure -- already knew a few things were dropping but even bigger than I thought:

Bonobo - Fragments
Earl - SICK!
Cordae - From a Bird's Eye View (this was a surprise!)
The Musalini & 9th Wonder - The Don & Eye

On the rock-ish side, there's a rarities/b-sides collection from Broken Social Scene, a covers album from Cat Power (say what?!) ... yeah, a lot out today. I haven't been listening to music much at all the past few weeks but I think this will jump start the year for me.

What's everyone checking for? That new FKA Twigs is first up for me (already sounding stellar).


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