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Topic subjectBonobo - Fragments
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3036301, Bonobo - Fragments
Posted by bentagain, Fri Jan-14-22 06:41 AM

Age of Phase…WTF
I stopped checking the singles after I heard Shadows…album does not disappoint
F’n movin’
3036303, yeah, excited for this one for sure
Posted by thebigfunk, Fri Jan-14-22 10:37 AM
I stopped w/the singles, too, didn't want to ruin the whole album (and they released four I think!).


~ i could still snort you under the table ~
3036307, Whoa
Posted by Original Juice, Fri Jan-14-22 01:13 PM
Thanks for this.
This is that shit.
3036309, I had no idea this was dropping.
Posted by LeroyBumpkin, Fri Jan-14-22 04:48 PM
Just copped.
3036322, Need websites
Posted by Johnny, Sat Jan-15-22 10:55 AM
whats a good website you guys use to find out about non-hiphop/r&b releases such as this?

I normally use this site for stuff like this but would like any other resources you guys use
3036323, I follow Bonobo and Ninja Tune on IG
Posted by bentagain, Sat Jan-15-22 12:12 PM
I'm not on SM, but I use IG almost exclusively to follow musicians

I think I initially got into his music at a festival

TBH, I use streaming to find music

I'll go through Spotty's fans also like feature
and I listen to the artists that I follow mixes/picks
I have a bunch of different stations on Pandora for genres...every so often a new jawn pops up
YT...let it run on auto sometimes

3036326, Pandora stations are good for some artists (real bad for Fishbone)
Posted by c71, Sat Jan-15-22 12:43 PM
Youtube is usually okay for new discoveries - esp. old music

gotta look into the Spotify "fans also like" real soon!!!
3036327, +1, Giles Peterson - Worldwide
Posted by bentagain, Sun Jan-16-22 09:39 AM
Always dropping new $hit and very okayplayery


It's an interesting question because I find myself asking the same thing sometimes

...how do I even know about this...LOL
3036401, RE: +1, Giles Peterson - Worldwide
Posted by Johnny, Fri Jan-21-22 09:39 PM
Thanks. I don't stream at all but I may add a subscription to one of them this year
3036340, Stereogum and Indieheads on reddit are good resources n/m
Posted by phemom, Mon Jan-17-22 01:05 PM
3036400, RE: Stereogum and Indieheads on reddit are good resources n/m
Posted by Johnny, Fri Jan-21-22 09:38 PM
Thanks. Always looking for more resources for music discovery
3036507, RE: Bonobo - Fragments
Posted by spidey, Tue Feb-01-22 12:15 AM
Very impressive, wow...type slick...