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Topic subjectI disagree with this.
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3038211, I disagree with this.
Posted by LeroyBumpkin, Sun Jun-05-22 09:03 AM
>Also just got to the part where he claimed DOOM said at the
>service for Dilla that he had a dream that Dilla wanted to do
>a posthumous album with him and let him keep most of the
>royalties. Saying something like that, after DOOM is dead and
>can’t defend himself, strikes me as a violation.

Dan Charnas was meticulous about his sources for events. Between events that happened in studio sessions all the way to the drama between his baby mother and his mother. So I'd find it very difficult to believe he's include that DOOM moment as his memorial without sourcing it from a variety of people. I mean, other people were there. That's not something that would be difficult to verify.

>I also don’t like how so much of the book is devoted to
>Dilla’s health struggle. Between that and all the print
>devoted to Dilla’s interpersonal “drama” makes the book
>feel almost like a tabloid

Definitely disagree here. His health issues and how his career ended are intertwined. You can't tell one story without the other. There's been a entire myth built around Jay Dee making Donuts from his hospital bed with his mother massaging his fingers so he could continue to make beats. All untrue. Also the most illuminating part of the book for me was how much Jay Dee ignored his health condition later in his career. That European trip? The South American trip? I was reading and thinking, "Oh wait, no they didn't let this dude get on a plane to Europe!" All of this is part of the story.