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3038200, For about a page but mostly as an extended aside
Posted by spirit, Fri Jun-03-22 03:56 PM
Basically the author seem to feel like Dilla’s techniques were an “idea” he put out into the universe that was “bigger than him” which strikes me as bullshit. I wonder how the author would feel if someone took whole passages from this book and put it in another book, with minimal changes, and said “thanks for putting that idea out there” LOL

Also just got to the part where he claimed DOOM said at the service for Dilla that he had a dream that Dilla wanted to do a posthumous album with him and let him keep most of the royalties. Saying something like that, after DOOM is dead and can’t defend himself, strikes me as a violation.

I also don’t like how so much of the book is devoted to Dilla’s health struggle. Between that and all the print devoted to Dilla’s interpersonal “drama” makes the book feel almost like a tabloid


Spirit (Alan)