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Topic subjectDid he expand on that "small thinking" thought in the book at all?
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3038183, Did he expand on that "small thinking" thought in the book at all?
Posted by Nodima, Fri Jun-03-22 04:45 AM
It's been a minute but when he was doing the press rounds and hit a couple of the podcasts I listen to, I also remember him bringing this up (specifically the Janet Jackson/Q-Tip situation if I remember correctly) and elaborating that if Dilla had been a little more willing to swallow his pride artistically or even just professionally, there were a lot of doors opened to him that he either chose to ignore or personally slammed shut, but that he was so consistent about it people pretty quickly chalked that up to Dilla being Dilla and mostly stopped trying to build bridges for/to him because of it so he got stuck as an underdog that didn't necessarily have to be.

It'd be kinda weird if the book didn't get into that much considering it was one of the more significant things I remember from when this book was dropping. I think that conversation might've even specifically been on the NY Times Popcast with Jon Caramanica.

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