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3038093, at about the 3/4 point
Posted by Options, Mon May-23-22 03:43 AM
been taking my sweet time working through this, and I've been really enjoying it. even though "The Life of~" is right there in the subtitle, it's MUCH more expansive than I anticipated. I always figured that at some point several books on Dilla would pop up, but after this, I don't really know what's left for anyone else to cover, haha.

I do feel like the author has used every bit of every interview, tho — I'm not particularly interested in reading about all of Dilla's cousins or the intricacies of his love life. but the highs are so very high, and having the details behind events I'm already familiar with colored in has been great. the analogies and connections made are truly excellent at times; in particular, The Matrix comparison made me put the book down for a moment in awe/appreciation of the skill on display. Charnas killed it.

by the way: anyone else come across the obviously bootleg 12" stamped with the Dilla Time cover image?