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Topic subjectRE: About 50% through...thoughts.
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3037672, RE: About 50% through...thoughts.
Posted by The3rdOne, Thu Apr-28-22 10:57 AM
>- Kinda odd reading about his personal life. He comes off as
>moody and a jerk at times. If this is the detail they're
>going into on this, I know it's gonna be rough once I get to
>the part where he passes.

The footnotes describing the banter between Ma Dukes and Joy started to get cringeworthy and downright physically exhausting to listen to (I have the audiobook). The crazy thing is that I had a chance to chop it up with Ma Dukes a few months ago as she came to town. She told me that it gets deeper and there are even more documentary books being made that will delve more into personal shit. And why Househoes is even allowed to walk around without crutches is beyond me. Dave New York was gonna hang him off the balcony if he had a chance.....RIP