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Topic subjectRE: Wasn't Jay & Raphael Both Apart Of UMMAH?
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3036709, RE: Wasn't Jay & Raphael Both Apart Of UMMAH?
Posted by The3rdOne, Sat Feb-12-22 09:32 PM
Saadiq was loosely affiliated with the UMMAH...but not on the same business contract as DIlla, Tip, and Ali. Reading Dilla Time and comprehending the context, Dilla did NOT like to be pushed or rushed no matter who it was. He snapped on cats he worked with seemingly random, but he definitely had a method to his madness. It was conveyed that he actually got pissed at Saadiq as opposed to having a very different and humbling approach to the dude in charge of the Blue Note Remix project (I forget his name). THey wanted Dilla to do his Brother Jack McDuff version of Oblighetto over. They anticipated Dilla blowing up, but he actually took the criticism like a champ and then blew the remake out of the water.