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Topic subjectWasn't Jay & Raphael Both Apart Of UMMAH?
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3036696, Wasn't Jay & Raphael Both Apart Of UMMAH?
Posted by Dj Joey Joe, Fri Feb-11-22 09:50 PM
>Saadiq: Your Without You remix needs more work....
>its too sparse.
>DIlla : Suck my dick! (Then hangs up the phone)

Wow, might have been an inside joke or on some serious resentment how the UMMAH group situation dissolved; either way I still liked Dwele's (the one that featured Phat Kat) remixed version compared to Jay's even though I think Dilla was going for that stripped down vibe on a few of his remixes at the time (such as the Macy Grey "I Try", Spacek "Eve", & the Toshi Kubota "Nothing But Your Love", etc.).