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Topic subjectI still don't get the Train Of Thought love.
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3036295, I still don't get the Train Of Thought love.
Posted by LeroyBumpkin, Thu Jan-13-22 11:03 AM
...but it's not for me to "get".

Again, when the album first dropped I played it a lot.
In fact I remember the excitement and buzz around it in The Lesson.
I think it was verification that Talib could lead a project on his own
outside of the BlackStar umbrella. Black On Both Sides had dropped the year before
as this landmark album, we were all waiting to hear what Kweli would do.

And Train Of Thought held its own in what was one of the most iconic
years of soul and hip hop music. Fall of 2000? After Voodoo?
After Mama's Gun? After LWFC and Phrenology?

But I guess my ears have grown tired of Talib the MC these days.
I can't tell you the last time I played it in full.

But it seems even today people still have a strong connection with that album.