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Topic subjectIdea Going Forward:
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3036283, Idea Going Forward:
Posted by Oak27, Wed Jan-12-22 04:46 PM
I was wondering if you guys would be interested in more regular rate/rank battles? I think the 2010s are too fresh, and seems like people already had trouble remembering what was in what decade, so if I were to keep doing Lesson Ranks X posts, would something smaller scale but more regular be interesting/would you participate?

My idea would be doing discog rankings. For example, we could do artist specific (Rank/Rate The Roots, Kanye) or do it with famous rivals (Rank/Rate Jay-Z v. Nas, Tribe v. De La).

Ballots could either be a simple rank of 1-x of the artists albums, or be a little more specific where we give a 1-10 score for each album. The results would be the average rank or score based on the ballots submitted.

Let me know if anyone would be interested in this or if we should wrap this up before it becomes a tradition lol