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Topic subjectI think it's Breakbot's influences a lot too
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3036296, I think it's Breakbot's influences a lot too
Posted by handle, Thu Jan-13-22 11:09 AM
>Because Bruno Mars has blatantly stolen a Breakbot song and
>now if The Weeknd is aping from him as well... then this dude,
>virtually unknown by the general public, is influencing the
>hell out of the generation's biggest pop stars. There's an
>article begging to be written about this.

I might be hearing Breakbot when I'm actually hearing an updated take on Nu Disco and City Pop - which both influenced Breakbot a lot.

And the vocal stylings on Breakbot songs when collaborators Ruckazoid and Yasmin sing are similar to the style The Weeknd employs often - but ALL are very obviously influenced by the non-HE-HE style of Michael Jackson.

City pop song:

I don't think he's biting at all, just have very similar shared influences.

I think he could cover Another You very easily: