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Topic subjectwill "Summer Of Soul" blu-ray have extra footage?
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3036203, will "Summer Of Soul" blu-ray have extra footage?
Posted by Voodoochilde, Thu Jan-06-22 08:06 PM
not sure if there's a release date yet for the "Summer Of Soul" blu-ray, (i've heard rumors of maybe Feb 2022??)...but, regardless of when it becomes available, does anyone know if the Blu-ray will include even more extra performance footage that wasn't included in the theatrical release?
3036205, haven't heard anything
Posted by thebigfunk, Thu Jan-06-22 10:26 PM

it does look like they may be finally releasing a soundtrack -- one of the Sly performances from it showed up in my Spotify feed a few weeks ago.

Would love some extra musical footage for sure but I'll probably grab it no matter what, if/when it drops. I need to go back and get that Amazing Grace concert film, too.


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3036208, yeah, Amazing Grace was great as well...
Posted by Voodoochilde, Fri Jan-07-22 06:21 AM
'Amazing Grace' was a 'keeper' too....
truth be told, i'll likely grab both on blu-ray regardless (just cuz i still prefer to own 'physical' media of my 'most favorite' musical/movie things, a fact which perplexes some of my younger siblings lol :)

but yeah, i know there was a ton of footage available, so im hoping they add some extra stuff on the blu that they couldn't fit in the final cut. (lol, it'll also give me at least a little bit of validation that i can use to say to my sibs: "see...THIS is why i buy the physical stuff, check out THESE rare clips that're only available here on the special edition disc!")

3036415, soundtrack expected next week (link)...
Posted by Voodoochilde, Sat Jan-22-22 11:43 PM

3036416, This may come across as simple but.
Posted by phemom, Sun Jan-23-22 02:17 AM
Whole sets from the festival would be dope.

I don't even buy films (I go to the movie theatre A LOT) but if there's whole sets I'm coppin.