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Topic subjectThat was part of them being universally loved imo.
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3036455, That was part of them being universally loved imo.
Posted by Boogie Stimuli, Wed Jan-26-22 08:36 PM
>when pretending they listened to a wide variety of music.

Idk if they were pretending. I'd never really seen that happen with any other soft rock band the way it did with Coldplay. Rappers are musicians as well, so I don't really have any reason to think they wouldn't genuinely appreciate what Coldplay brought to the table. Their music had wide appeal. They were just good at what they did imo. Prime example of being so good that people hate you for it. Beyond pure snobbery, there was likely an underlying racism in purists hating them because rappers (read: Black guys) liked them as well.

>And then they all started getting the guy to sing their hooks.
> That was the wooorst.

The only rappers I know to have featured him are Ye and Jay, both of whom I know have a genuine appreciation for different genres of music. I didn't mind them featuring him since I like his voice, I just didn't think he fit on the songs they put him on. In short, yeah it wasn't great lol.

>I didn’t have a problem with the band itself though.

I still check for their stuff honestly. Loved them.