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Topic subjectartists selling they catalogs. $$ seem high/low/just right?
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3036139, artists selling they catalogs. $$ seem high/low/just right?
Posted by FunkyBoss, Mon Jan-03-22 06:30 PM
I always assumed "rights" and "publishing" had crazy high value to it what with all the beef and bad feelings artists had with not owning they rights, getting jerked for they publishing and whatnot. but these big name rock stars selling they music and I see the money attached and it doesn't seem that much to me.

Springsteen $500 million
Bob Dylan 300 million
Neil YOUNG 150 Million for half
Bowie 250 million

when it says catalog sold I'm thinking they no longer have any control over their own music. Do i got that wrong?

3036143, not being able to do live shows has really affected many older artist
Posted by tomjohn29, Tue Jan-04-22 08:38 AM
that was there bread and butter
landscape is shifting and many of them want to set their families up incase anything happens
I know that was Neil Young's motivation
also many have clauses in the deal on ads and sampling (Young said no sampling, Bowie estate has to approve sample clearances...dealt with this last week)
3036144, likely depends on how the market values that catalog.
Posted by tariqhu, Tue Jan-04-22 11:14 AM
like rkelly's catalog is trash right now. last I saw, he was trying to sell it for like 2 mil. nobody wants to touch it.

it's probably also related to how much the artist is actually doing to manage the music. for big artists, that's a lot of work, even with a strong team. might not be worth that hassle anymore.
3036176, I think R Kelly's catalog is worth buying.
Posted by Buddy_Gilapagos, Thu Jan-06-22 09:15 AM
Look I've been in a couple of parties and the DJ snuck in Ignition remix (with a disclaimer) and the crowd went nuts. Like people even enjoyed the transgressive nature of playing his stuff. It would be a good bet to buy his catalog now and think it 10 -20 years time his music still knocks and the next generation doesn't have the same association with his crimes.

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3036177, I think they sell the music wholesale
Posted by Tiger Woods, Thu Jan-06-22 09:20 AM
so, say, Springsteen...his music can appear in commercials, TVs, movies, a broadway musical, etc and the decision isn't his where it's used anymore and he's already been paid
3036178, if Springsteen is 500 I'm curious what MJ's would be, Beatles would be
Posted by Tiger Woods, Thu Jan-06-22 09:22 AM
there's catalogs bigger and more important than Springsteen's, ones with global appeal. What would Michael Jackson or the Beatles fetch?
3036182, It's hard to call.
Posted by Buddy_Gilapagos, Thu Jan-06-22 12:54 PM
There is this big wall street bet on catalogs and their value. Who knows if it will pan out or if its a fad like NFTs.

I would think though that the artist, and sophisticated long career artist like the ones named above would have the best historical data to do a valuation of their catalogs.

If artists can trick wall street into overpaying for their catalogs (and still have some control on how their works are used), more power to them.

"Everyone has a plan until you punch them in the face. Then they don't have a plan anymore." (c) Mike Tyson

"what's a leader if he isn't reluctant"
3036202, RE: It's hard to call.
Posted by bc, Thu Jan-06-22 07:02 PM
Agree on a couple of points....
Some of these folks are looking at declining touring revenue right at times when they are probably looking to tour less as they age and frankly some of this is raw opportunism.

So who's catalogue is most valuable now?
Some monster catalogues might come up in the next 10-15 years if this continues:

Rolling Stones
Elton John

If Bruce is worth 550M the Stones has to be 700-800M?


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