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Topic subjectNew Release Friday 2021-10-22
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3035261, New Release Friday 2021-10-22
Posted by thebigfunk, Fri Oct-22-21 09:19 AM
I swear there was a ton of shit dropping today but right now I can't think of or find much of it, lol. But a few things I'm checking for sure:

Tall Black Guy & Ozay Moore - Of Process and Progression
* Listening to this now, just a few tracks in but already feeling like this might be the pick of the week. Just a lot of fun so far. This is TBG's year for sure.

Quantic and Nidia Gongora - Almas Conectadas
* This should be super tight -- singles have all been great. Good reminder to revisit their earlier collab, Curao, from 2017.

Bedouine - Waysides
* Kind of a throwback to sparse but lush late 60s/70s folk a la Nick Drake without ever feeling purely imitation. I liked her last album, Bird Songs of a Killjoy, a lot -- great songwriting and a very patient approach to each song's arrangement. Good fall music waking up/winding down music if it's your thing.

Omar Sosa and Seckou Keita - Suba
Sosa's piano + Keita's kora + their combined rhythmic genius should make for a really engaging listen -- really excited for this one.

Also, new live recording of Coltrane/Love Supreme, "Live in Seattle" from 1965. Definitely available on Spotify, I'm assuming elsewhere too. Good article here: https://www.nytimes.com/2021/10/19/arts/music/john-coltrane-a-love-supreme-live-in-seattle.html

Lots of bigger mainstream stuff out too. What's everyone looking for?


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