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Topic subjectNew Release Friday 2021-10-15
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3035161, New Release Friday 2021-10-15
Posted by thebigfunk, Fri Oct-15-21 09:06 AM
Definitely a quieter week but I have a feeling this is one of those "dig and you shall find" weeks.

Like this new track from Hiatus Kaiyote, "Canopic Jar":


And a new song from Ego Ella May, "YoYo", that looks like it's maybe a preview of a new album:


Other random ones:

Bartees Strange has a live album out today. I've *just* been digging deeper into him -- he reminds me of Cody Chestnutt in a good way, lol.

And Xenia Rubinos finally has a full-length follow-up to Black Terry Cat called "Una Rosa". Haven't heard anything from it yet; her early stuff gave me very neo-soul/Lauryn vibes yet very unique in her voice and approach, almost minimalist in sound and drawing more naturally from other styles/genres.

What's everyone checking for? Catching up on? Favorite stuff that you played over the last week?


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3035166, stuff that's on my radar
Posted by wrecknoble, Fri Oct-15-21 10:07 AM

Disclosure - DJ Kicks: Disclosure
- New collab mix from DJ Kicks and Disclosure, which surprisingly is also available on Spotify. Been anticipating this one and am saving it for the end of the work day for a jolt of energy.

Earlly Mac & Sango - MearlGo Vol. 3
- Not a huge fan of Earlly Mac but I'll listen to anything produced by Sango.

Joyia - Baptism EP
- Toronto singer Joyia just dropped her sophomore solo EP. She's a friend of mine and I'm always proud to support her work. My radio show, Frisson Radio, is hosting her live listening party on Sunday evening.

Dom Kennedy - Fro The Westside With Love Three
- To me, Dom fell off a while ago, but I still check his releases because there may be a gem in between all the filler. Or maybe he'll surprise me and return to a dope full length and I'll have to eat my words. Will see.

Xenia Rubinos - Una Rosa
- Never heard her work before, but she got a rave review in the New York Times (or New Yorker, I forgot) so I'll give it a go.

Tone Stith - Still FWM
- I like EARTHGANG's output, so am down to check out what Tone can do on his own.

Jim-E Stack - Promotional Only EP
- I'm hoping to be surprised by this one - Jim-E Stack has a unique sound.


Jay Worthy & DaM-Funk - All Over / Moonlight
- just listened to All Over (feat. Sadat X) and am digging it.

Drips Zacheer - Soulfood
- This dude constantly releases beautiful instrumentals.

Higgo - Fantasy
- Higgo has been one of my favourite UK Garage producers of late.

Anzola - Cinco Bets
- Anzola is a producer friend of mine from Toronto and he always drops some dope house music so I'm gonna check it soon.

Full Crate, Susan Carol, A-Trak - Good To U
- Full Crate and A-Track on the same record has me intrigued.

3035233, I'm an idiot for thinking Tone Stith was in EARTHGANG lol
Posted by wrecknoble, Wed Oct-20-21 03:10 PM
Don't know how I got that signal mixed up - listened to the album and was like 'wtf this isn't what I expected at all', which then made sense because the kid isn't in EARTHGANG smh
3035167, FEMusic and BeMyFiasco "Where I Left You"
Posted by LeroyBumpkin, Fri Oct-15-21 10:26 AM
BeMyFiasco "Where I Left You"

Another FE Music project I got to be a part of.

There's a few more BTS moments coming out of Phonte and BeMyFiasco working in the studio.
Both Phonte and Zo! are really in their Jam/Lewis phase with this release.
3035175, Love that video, thanks for sharing
Posted by DJR, Fri Oct-15-21 05:11 PM
I’ve enjoyed the singles, about to dig into this album.
3035168, BeMyFiasco - Where I Left You
Posted by daskap, Fri Oct-15-21 10:27 AM
great album, good to hear dope R&B without trap beats, baby voice signing, and overly sexed up lyrics
3035171, Vanishing Twin - Ookii Gekkou
Posted by thebigfunk, Fri Oct-15-21 12:49 PM
Don't think I've listened to these folks before, put in on because someone mentioned them as having a pretty strong Stereolab vibe. The comparison is right on, not in a derivative way but just in a "that's the space they inhabit" way.

At first listen this album is just immaculate: every track unique, lots of unexpected moments in instrumentation (the sort of thing that makes you go, "Hey, where'd that sax come from?"), breakbeats for days, lots of bloops and bleeps but never overdone, and ethereal vocals that just float. Can't wait to listen again, definitely worth a listen if Stereolab is a favorite for you.


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3035173, Aesop Rock & Blockhead - Jazz Hands
Posted by A Love Supreme, Fri Oct-15-21 02:55 PM

Album coming in Novermber.
3035176, What album is coming?
Posted by Anonymous, Fri Oct-15-21 07:06 PM
A complete Aes and Blockhead album??!!!
3035178, Yup. Garbology drops November 12th on Rhymesayers.
Posted by Oak27, Fri Oct-15-21 08:34 PM
3035179, YES!!!!!
Posted by Anonymous, Fri Oct-15-21 09:10 PM
I needed a break from him rapping over his production.

I LOVE the last three albums with The Impossible Kid being my favorite album of his.

But it’s time for variation and the contrast of his voice of some dope Blockhead is perfect. Kiss The Cook is one of his best songs to me.

Jazz Hands is dope!
3035189, ego ella may - fieldnotes
Posted by thebigfunk, Sun Oct-17-21 04:29 PM

>And a new song from Ego Ella May, "YoYo", that looks like it's
>maybe a preview of a new album:

I was wrong, this was actually an EP released called "Fieldnotes" -- 4 tracks! All good!


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3035236, RE: New Release Friday 2021-10-15
Posted by JtothaI, Wed Oct-20-21 04:16 PM
Never really listened to Mac Millers "Faces" mixtape but it got reelased on Spotify and I've been playing "Rain" ft Vince Staples produced by 9th Wonder over and over. Banger.

Other tracks I'm playnig from the week..

Kevin Ross "Sweet Release"

Wais P - "Clubber Lang" ft Paul Wall, Termanology and Kxng Crooked

Wais P - "Grits & Graffiti" ft Devin the Dude

BeMyFiasco - Where I left You LP (whole thing goes)

Pink Sweat$ - I Feel Good

Nubya Garcia - The Message Continues (DJ Harrison Remix)