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Topic subjectHoly Hive's new LP has some of the nastiest drum breaks of 2021
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3034844, Holy Hive's new LP has some of the nastiest drum breaks of 2021
Posted by Dhernsol, Sat Sep-25-21 01:08 AM
Shout out to their drummer Homer Steinweiss who has drummed for everyone from Lee Fields/Sharon Jones to Mark Ronson/Amy Winehouse among various other underrated bands (Menahan Street Band, El Michels Affair, etc.) in the Daptone universe.

Very sample worthy and one of the funkiest folk albums you may ever hear.


3035100, this was really great
Posted by thebigfunk, Fri Oct-08-21 11:00 AM
Have listened through a few times and will be listening for a while. Reminds me a bit of Fleet Foxes but a little more jazz-ish or funk inflection -- always with a light touch though which I really appreciate. Very thoughtful and carefully arranged.

Thanks for making the connection to Steinweiss who has graced so much good stuff it's hard to keep track. El Michels Affair has two new records this year:

Ekundayo Inversions (w/Liam Bailey) -- this actually has a feature from Black Thought on the opening track. Album is great, very rich, dub-drenched.

Yeti Season -- haven't listened as much but it's sort of funk-soul meets sound and colors of the Middle East? Haven't looked to see if they've described it anywhere but there's definitely an international theme, just not sure what region.


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