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3034841, ^^^
Posted by Ishwip, Fri Sep-24-21 03:10 PM
>That’s a banger! Haven’t heard the whole album yet but
>that song is hard!

That song.....whew! Mean mug and all of that.

I can't lie, the album seems like the best thing he's ever released (I know, prisoner of the moment). Gunn is not my favorite rapper by any stretch and frankly can be annoying in large doses so an album heavy with features, mostly limiting him to 1 verse per song, over classic Griselda boom-bap, easy win for me.

I don't like the beat anymore because its just a loop. ALC didn't FLIP IT ENOUGH!

Flip it enough? Flip these. Flip off. Go flip some f*cking burgers.(c)Kno

Allied State of the National Electric Beat Treaty Organization (NEBTO)