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Topic subjectI rocks wit it but…
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3034548, I rocks wit it but…
Posted by Anonymous, Fri Sep-10-21 09:40 PM
I want to rocks wit it much more… smh

I don’t know if it’s the production or the engineering and mixing but for whatever reason he always seems to get cheap sounding expensive shit… if that makes any sense.

It’s like these joints are on the verge of going the beautifully lush zone but just come off low budget.

And on this go-round… I don’t even think they are because some of the production is great… but something just doesn’t seem right.

I think at times it’s the production and other times is the not-up-to-par singing on the hooks that makes it sound cheap.

AZ is on point as usual and is ultimately what I will give this repeat listens for.

I’ll run down my initial thoughts…

Where did this trend of getting Idris on you Intro start? Monch? Shit is kind of tired at this point.

Just 4 You is cool but it ain’t that slap you in the face opener that I wanted.

Also, what’s up with these producers that put their tag in the front of every beat? Does that shit lower the cost? I know it’s nitpicking but if I’m AZ, I don’t want the first track to open up with a producers tag. Shit is borderline disrespectful. Producers, the shit ain’t your album! I hated that shit on No Introduction from Nas’ Life Is Good too. Justice League comes on like it’s their project or some shit. Put the tag at the end of the last hook. Damn.

The Wheel is aight and we spoke about this one already. Jaheim is really wack on this shit, and after the recent news, AZ should replace his bum ass with someone like Bilal.

Keep It Real… this shit is dope as hell to me. I love the beat Baby Paul gave him here. This sounds like some vintage Doe Or Die shit. And I shouldn’t but I rocks wit that hook too.

Never Enough… I like the Ross feature. Good choice for this beat. This one really works and could be a single. Hook works here.

Different… another one I feel like I should like more than I do. Those drums are weak. And I feel like he should’ve gotten all household name producers on this joint. A spit 3 verse track with the hook just riding should’ve been given to Premier or someone.

The Ritual… I rock wit this. I feel it’s a bit of a slacker Alchemist beat but it works and I love the fact it’s a straight forward hard hip-hop joint. The Wayne feature is a good change up too.

Blow That Shit… Buckwild is absolutely the most underrated producer in hip-hop. This joint is absolute flames. The way his drums groove is second only to PR and truthful on this album, second to none. The hook really works… however, I could’ve done without the Dave East verse. His verse is cool but he should’ve just been on the hook. And you know why? Because this beat is begging for a Raekwon verse. And if we weren’t going to get a Nas feature… we needed a Raekwon feature to make up for it.

Bulletproof… again, I want to like it more than I do. I don’t think this one is B!nk’s fault. The singer just doesn’t work here. And it’s one of the few joints he spits 3 verses. Another issue I will speak on later.

Check Me Out… I needed to listen to this 3 times. Because this is not a worthy follow-up to Gimme Yours and Rather Unique and my initial feeling was disappointment. With that said, it is definitely dope but it did have a lot to live up to. And again… why only 2 verses!!!

Time To Answer… this one is dope but again, 2 verses just makes this seem like filler. Maybe this could’ve been the intro? But again, the producer stamp! Lol

Found My Niche… another dope track but ultimately the same issue as Time To Answer. It’s too short and comes off as filler or a b-side.

What’s Good… this is dope and should be the other single along with the Ross joint. T-Pain hook is great!

Overall, it just doesn’t live up to the title like people above said. There are too many two verse joints that come off as filler. The reason Cuban Linx 2 worked is because Rae actually went all out to match the atmosphere and the grandiose of his classic. AZ doesn’t try hard enough to script this after the original to have the title make sense.

Also, this has been 10+ years in the making. I get his rant on Time To Answer but if you’re going to take that long, there’s no reason not to have ALL bangers. Not to mention that throughout these 10+ years, we got enough drops for entire second album. And some of those joints should’ve been on here.

Feel My Pain
Nothin Move
The Calm
I’m Ill
Make Believe
My N*****
We Movin’
Red Magic
It’s Time
Back To Myself
I Excel
Save Them feat Raekwon and Prodigy

These joints could’ve easily been on this album.

And again, there’s nothing I dislike. I love that I can put the album in and play it straight through. But damn, I was hoping for more. You have to know that when you title an album Doe Or Die 2 and give people a Dave East feature instead of a Nas feature, you’re going to catch heat. There’s just certain calls you can’t make when executive producing an album like this.