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Topic subjectI wish we woulda gotten more of "zany" Dr.Dre
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3033486, I wish we woulda gotten more of "zany" Dr.Dre
Posted by normal35762, Sun Jul-18-21 10:34 PM
The beats he did on the 2nd Eminem album is some of my favorite post Efil4zaggin production from him. The 2 beats he did on the 1st Em album and the "Break Your Neck" with Busta was ill too. Him and Timbo doin a whole album together woulda been dope too.
3033488, Mostly anything cartoon-ish is a good type of thing
Posted by c71, Mon Jul-19-21 05:49 AM
3033497, I Think "Break Ya Neck" Was A Scott Storch Beat
Posted by Dj Joey Joe, Mon Jul-19-21 05:40 PM
...and Mel-Man produced all of the so-called Dr. Dre produced beats on Em's 2nd album "Marshall Mathers" so what you're saying is you want to hear more Mel-Man & Scott Storch production, I wish Mel-Man had a chance to release his solo album on Aftermath, not sure why it got shelved cause dude was good rapper too.

3033499, Yep. That's what I'm saying.
Posted by normal35762, Mon Jul-19-21 06:36 PM
Glad you bought that up. Let's give credit where credit is due.

Question what did Dr.Dre do technically if anything production wise on any of the aforementioned stuff?
3033501, The album credits tell most of the story for Dre’s stuff.
Posted by soulfunk, Mon Jul-19-21 10:09 PM
Like on the Marshall Mathers LP most of the Dre produced songs list him and Mel-Man on production. For those Mel-Man likely made the beat, with Dre having input on the drums and handling the mix.

Dre would also lead the collaboration with musicians like Mike Elizondo and Tommy Coster who would play live instruments on beats. Dre would handle the recording and mixing of that along with giving them notes on what to play (though Mike Elizondo would often also get writers credit for baselines he came up with.) All of this isn’t to be taken lightly because that mix of live bass/keys along with programmed drums really created a signature sound for that Aftermath era - from 2001 through the work with 50 Cent, Game, etc.

3033503, Am I the only one who feels like something's off on Relapse?
Posted by OKdamn, Tue Jul-20-21 01:07 AM
It's completely produced by Dre..but the beats ain't phenomenal.
3033509, Listening now
Posted by OKdamn, Tue Jul-20-21 03:40 PM
I take it back. This is better than anything he's made since. I gotta get a grip on my impulse posting lol..
3033516, LOLLL
Posted by Brew, Wed Jul-21-21 03:03 PM
>I take it back. This is better than anything he's made since.

If I'd seen your first post in time I'd have said exactly what you just said above. It's his last good album. It's not great by any means; the typical, longstanding complaints about the stupid accents is real and legitimate.

But this is his last listenable album, his last truly focused effort. And re: Dre's production I actually always thought this album was vintage Dre, even after it was first released and I, like everyone else, wasn't really feeling it. On repeated listens I came to appreciate the soundscape that Dre gave Em for this one. Em wanted a serial killer feel and theme, and Dre gave him exactly that sound from front to back. On their own merits, the individual beats may not stand up to Dre's best, not even close (Deja Vu being the only true standout IMO, that I can recall). But the whole is greater than the sum of its parts - it's a true listening experience from a production standpoint.

All of that said, I don't want to overstate anything - it's still not a great album by any means, it's just pretty good and has some moments. I'm just saying that it's better than we all gave it credit for at the time, and has aged better than anything Em has released since. And Dre's production fit the theme that Em wanted to a T.
3033695, I'm listening right now
Posted by OKdamn, Fri Jul-30-21 04:21 PM
The problem with Relapse is the mix. These beats should feel much bigger. Dre brought the fire. Eminem is spitting flames.
3033713, The second verse of Hello is one of my favorite Em verses
Posted by makaveli, Mon Aug-02-21 05:12 PM
It’s pretty funny.
3033722, Yea that song is one of the highlights for sure.
Posted by Brew, Tue Aug-03-21 10:39 AM
And yea that 2nd verse is hilarious.