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Topic subjectLNDN DRGS - let me know
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3033387, LNDN DRGS - let me know
Posted by mikediggz, Mon Jul-12-21 02:35 PM
jawnt go kinda hard homey

3033388, i like this
Posted by Johnny, Mon Jul-12-21 04:11 PM
that's dope

I liked one of those lndn drgs albums and their work with currency. so I gotta find there lastest one now. thanks
3033534, i went back thru his catalog and put together a nice playlist. i rock with
Posted by mikediggz, Thu Jul-22-21 02:54 PM
him. subject matter is limited but good feel good music.
3033473, they're super dope, but you really can't go wrong with a
Posted by Hellyeah, Sun Jul-18-21 01:48 AM
SOS band sample
3033532, 100%. im an old head so i love the original...jay worthy did it justice.
Posted by mikediggz, Thu Jul-22-21 02:50 PM
I like LL's flip of it too. this song prompted me to put together a LD/jay worthy playlist and man....ive been stuck on it since i made this post. his choice of samples is fantastic...and his rapping is decent...good enough to pull off the songs.
3033481, I been trying to put this forum onto LNDN DRGS for a minute now
Posted by 3xKrazy, Sun Jul-18-21 02:35 PM
if you're a west coast head and not fucking with them then you're missing out
3033533, theyve definitely got something
Posted by mikediggz, Thu Jul-22-21 02:52 PM