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Topic subjectRE: The Pips Choreography...man listen.
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3033342, RE: The Pips Choreography...man listen.
Posted by thebigfunk, Wed Jul-07-21 03:58 PM
>I watched that on Hulu and had to go back and rewatch their
>Like, their background vocals were in full step WITH the
>choreography! Amazing.

Absolutely, they killed it, nearly stole the show.

>I think the best part of the film overall was how every act
>and character got their own small documentary within' the
>Outside of the acts getting their own shine we learned about
>the promoter, the mayor, Harlem in addition to the state of
>Black America in 1969.
>All of that context really helped shape the concert as a
>whole. Quest, the producers and the editors get a lot of
>props from me on that.
>That's not easy to do.

Agreed. For anything I might have wanted more of, I felt like there was just a lot of balance in making sure everything that needed attention and context got it. Pacing was great, too.

>- Speaking of music, DAMN, who paid THAT bill? Need an entire
>department to wrangle those permissions together.

For sure. If there's an obstacle to an album release, this would probably be it, too.

>I have two Sly bootlegs from 1968 from The Filmore East and
>the music presentation in Summer Of Soul matches
>the set he used to do. All the way down to the crowd
>interaction on "Higher".
>This was my first time SEEING it though, and it was great to
>see. The shows I have are just under an hour,
>so I imagine Sly & The Family Stone did maybe 20 minutes.

This is good to know -- might dive down a Youtube rabbit hole in the next few days to see more footage of them and some of the other featured acts that I haven't seen live much.

>>- Two words: Mongo Santamaria! And Sheila E talking about
>>finer points of playing different drums with your hands
>I felt like this was the Quest influence. Getting that
>explanation was some music nerd stuff that was just perfect.

Yeah. She talks about some similar stuff at more length on her recent episode of QLS but honestly the concise version was almost better (and hearing it against the background of drumming).


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