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Topic subjectpretty good pfork interview w/Quest
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3033332, pretty good pfork interview w/Quest
Posted by thebigfunk, Tue Jul-06-21 11:52 AM

I like this bit about Jimi being the only artist rejected from the festival --- would have liked more of these types of stories about the planning of the festival but I see how they would have been harder to integrate into the film:

"The irony of it all is that Jimi Hendrix is the one artist who requested to do this festival and got rejected. Jimi had a strange relationship with the Black community at that time. Like, “He’s a little too wild for us, so he’s on that side of the fence.” He got to a point where he got tired of being the freak-show darling of the industry, so he disbanded his group, got an all-Black group—the Band of Gypsys—and asked , “Can we perform? We want to do a blues set.” And they said no. He’s not even deterred; he winds up booking all the after-shows, so for three weeks, Jimi Hendrix plays at these blues clubs with Freddie King, his blues mentor."


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