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Topic subjectTyler ascended (Call Me If You Get Lost)
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3033105, Tyler ascended (Call Me If You Get Lost)
Posted by tomjohn29, Fri Jun-25-21 08:32 AM
i was never the biggest fan from the beginning
but these last three I have been a big fan
album starts of with a Conductor Williams beat (Griselda)
He put NBA Youngboy on a H Town sample....a fucking H TOWN SAMPLE
Two songs of 8 minutes that are perfection

3033106, very dope 1/2 way through
Posted by Ashy Achilles, Fri Jun-25-21 09:07 AM
3033107, I'm surprised it took this long for a post to go up.
Posted by LeroyBumpkin, Fri Jun-25-21 09:08 AM
Tyler has really put together a solid discography.
It's been great watching him grow from album to album.

I also really appreciate his album rollout.
Week one, new video/song.
Week two, album released.
3033138, This album is crazy.
Posted by Nabs, Fri Jun-25-21 03:11 PM
3033324, it really is.
Posted by kinetic94761180, Sun Jul-04-21 06:49 PM
3033143, I'm glad he's back to rapping
Posted by Oak27, Fri Jun-25-21 04:41 PM
I'm not sure what that last album was but it's definitely wasn't for me.

This one sounds great after a few spins. It's ironic I used to hate the DJs screaming over the music mixtapes and prayed for an eventual NoDJ version, but Drama screaming all over this shit makes me nostalgic and gives it a unique throwback vibe to it.
3033231, im split on the dj screaming on this
Posted by mista k5, Tue Jun-29-21 09:10 AM
i think it kind of works like it did on damn but im still thinking is it necessary??? at least in a few tracks. doesnt bother me enough to change my opinion on the album so far.
3033346, maybe you mean the type of rapping you like
Posted by atruhead, Wed Jul-07-21 11:02 PM
or over the type of production you like

he rapped on 9/12 tracks on Igor and one of the three remaining was audio of Jerrod Carmichael speaking
3033348, It had a lot of rappers on it, and was an excellent album
Posted by Adwhizz, Thu Jul-08-21 06:36 AM
But even Tyler didn't really want it to be viewed as a "Rap" album"

3033147, Haven't listened yet, but I called the lil promo number.
Posted by JFrost1117, Sat Jun-26-21 12:36 AM
From the billboard.

I think he's the 3rd Neptune. He's got that chord-y sound that feels like he found new sounds on the Triton that P & Chad skipped over.
3033229, Any vinyl talk?
Posted by LeroyBumpkin, Tue Jun-29-21 08:09 AM
I've only seen stream and mp3 as a way to buy.
3033233, I'm sure there will be
Posted by Hitokiri, Tue Jun-29-21 10:32 AM
He's been doing multiple vinyl+variants for several albums now to great success. The only issue is that all the vinyl plants are super backed up right now. Production is taking ~6 months or more.
3033352, Keyboard solo clip from IG
Posted by JFrost1117, Thu Jul-08-21 01:13 PM
3033353, mmm...beautiful...this album is the child of "DAMN" and "In Search Of"
Posted by Tiger Woods, Thu Jul-08-21 03:28 PM
3033354, interesting take.
Posted by LeroyBumpkin, Thu Jul-08-21 03:30 PM