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Topic subjecthe's my favorite modern producer at the moment
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3033022, he's my favorite modern producer at the moment
Posted by bearfield, Fri Jun-18-21 01:56 PM
i tend to cycle through these guys every few years since their shelf life is pretty short due to the nature of how modern music is released and consumed. lex luger, southside, metro boomin, chasethemoney, pi'erre. i do think pi'erre is a cut above the rest because his sound is pretty detailed and he seems more adaptable than other beatmakers. i got put on to him via the young nudy tapes, which i think contain some of his best beats. he's done great work with carti, probably carried him for his first album because /whole lotta red/ only had a few pi'erre beats and not much of the rest of it was good. pi'erre even has killer beats for chavo, who is the poseur son of benzino!

i did comment on /TLOP5/ in the new albums thread on 6.11 saying that i thought it was too on the nose and the vocals improved while the instrumentals got a little worse