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Topic subjectSkyzoo - All The Brilliant Things (6/11/21)
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3032778, Skyzoo - All The Brilliant Things (6/11/21)
Posted by DJR, Fri Jun-04-21 01:44 PM

Free Jewelry
St. James Liquors (feat. Aaria) 03:59
A Tour of the Neighborhood (feat. Al Skratch)
Rich Rhetoric
Bodega Flowers (feat. BJ The Chicago Kid)
Something To Believe In (feat. Raheem DeVaughn)
Humble Brag
I Was Supposed To Be A Trap Rapper
Plugs and Connections
The Scrimmage (feat. STLNDRMS)
Culture-ish (feat. Karriem Riggins & Monica Blaire)
Bed-Stuy Is Burning (feat. Hypnotic Brass Ensemble) 05:07
What Money Taught Us (feat. Xiolynn)
Soft Eyes (feat. Blakk Soul)
3032779, Who’s ready? Skyzoo might have the best catalogue since 2010
Posted by DJR, Fri Jun-04-21 01:45 PM
His albums are always good-great and he’s put out a lot of music too.
3032780, i was mad this wasn't out today, lol
Posted by thebigfunk, Fri Jun-04-21 02:47 PM
Convinced myself it was dropping today, was all ready for it, listened to half of Retropolitan yesterday as a bit of a warm-up...

Then realized it's next week.

That's alright though, gives me more time to play through some of his records before getting into it. He's easily among my favorite rappers right now and he generally has a really good ear for tracks, too. Haven't seen a list of producers yet but with his streak right now I'm not too worried.

Both singles have been good too (could do without the hook on the most recent one).


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3032783, Bed-Stuy is Burning is incredible to me
Posted by DJR, Fri Jun-04-21 03:07 PM
The second one didn’t grab me as much immediately. I gotta play it more.
3032782, i've been waiting for this for like a year
Posted by mista k5, Fri Jun-04-21 03:00 PM
definitely ready. one of my favorite rappers out right now.
3032789, RE: Skyzoo - All The Brilliant Things (6/11/21)
Posted by spidey, Fri Jun-04-21 07:20 PM
3032811, thx for the heads up i rock with sky.
Posted by mikediggz, Mon Jun-07-21 12:50 AM
3032929, Another great effort from Skyzoo
Posted by daskap, Fri Jun-11-21 08:52 PM
Dude has no misses in his discography to me. My only real complaints after a few listens is Sky has fallen in love with the trumpets to where he overdoes it, some of these tracks don't need and it starts to sound like overkill. Also, he needed a different singer on Soft Eyes than Blakk Soul, perfect beat and vibe and he just butchered the hook. Raheem probably would have floated over that.
3033026, i think the bluest note joint got him in a vibe
Posted by mista k5, Fri Jun-18-21 05:22 PM
i dont mind it because it seems the most polished on this album. got a taste of the vibe he was going with last year and this one delivered.
3032932, Bed-Stuy Is Burning is just a beautiful song
Posted by Garhart Poppwell, Sat Jun-12-21 07:47 PM
it's weird that with all the things happening in black communities now, a song like this that tackles things like gentrification head on is a rarity instead of the norm
3032934, Kinda obsessed with Soft Eyes
Posted by Ishwip, Sat Jun-12-21 09:55 PM
Great album but that song I’ve listened to 30-plus times already, no lie.

I don't like the beat anymore because its just a loop. ALC didn't FLIP IT ENOUGH!

Flip it enough? Flip these. Flip off. Go flip some f*cking burgers.(c)Kno

Allied State of the National Electric Beat Treaty Organization (NEBTO)
3033028, Yup. That one and Bodega Flowers are getting a lot of repeat spins
Posted by DJR, Fri Jun-18-21 07:19 PM
Bed-Stuy is Burning too.

But this whole album is getting better and better the more I play it. And I liked it on first listen, but now I’m really getting into it.
3032935, I really wanna like this, but i just don't
Posted by blackfoot_female, Sat Jun-12-21 09:58 PM
i keep trying, especially with all the horns, but it's just not for me. i find myself wanting to turn to 38 spesh, ransom, or elzhi
3032936, Skyzoo in general or this album specifically?
Posted by Stadiq, Sat Jun-12-21 10:06 PM

Just curious because I've never been able to get into Skyzoo at the level I would expect for some reason.

But my first run through of this album was different. I appreciated this more than his others so far.

I think he deserves a lot of love and a lot of praise...I think his subject matter is a lot more varied than people give him credit for but...

I'll be damned if the delivery isn't always the exact same though.
3032940, I’ve never heard another album by him
Posted by blackfoot_female, Sun Jun-13-21 02:57 AM
I hear the talent on this album, it just hasn’t grabbed me. I’ll probably try again because I really like horns
3032937, He’s definitely got his lane he stays in
Posted by DJR, Sat Jun-12-21 10:35 PM
but I love it.
3032942, Try his album produced by Pete Rock, Retropolitan
Posted by Oak27, Sun Jun-13-21 08:26 AM
I recommend that because most Skyzoo albums don't move me much for all the reasons people have already stated, but that album I really enjoyed. The one produced by Apollo Brown is another one I like more than the average Skyzoo album.
3032967, this one
Posted by fontgangsta, Mon Jun-14-21 03:33 PM
>The one produced by Apollo Brown is
>another one I like more than the average Skyzoo album.

"the easy truth" is a straight up fantastic record
3032968, 2nd best Apollo Brown album imo
Posted by Anonymous, Mon Jun-14-21 05:55 PM
Love that joint
3032969, whats your first?
Posted by fontgangsta, Tue Jun-15-21 09:45 AM
3032970, not Anonymous, but my personal fav is Mona Lisa (w/ Joell Ortiz)
Posted by Oak27, Tue Jun-15-21 10:02 AM
I think most people's favorite tends to be either Trophies (w/ OC) or The Left's Gas Mask.

I think Dice Game (w/ Guilty Simpson) is a great project as well.

Also keep in mind I have a hard time separating favorite overall album v. favorite set of instrumentals, so these may not necessarily my favorite albums of Apollo's strictly based on beats, but the overall package of beats and raps. That being said, beats typically drive my overall enjoyment of an album moreso than raps.
3032975, Trophies
Posted by Anonymous, Tue Jun-15-21 12:22 PM
3032988, This.
Posted by LeroyBumpkin, Wed Jun-16-21 08:35 AM
O.C. x Apollo Brown "Trophies"

LOVE this album.

Also worth checking out...

Boog Brown x Apollo Brown "Brown Study" (2010)
Apollo Brown "Cigarette Burns EP" (2014)
Apollo Brown "Granduer" (2015)
3032989, Words Paint Pictures with Big Pooh, was strong too
Posted by DJR, Wed Jun-16-21 09:13 AM
3032986, Checked this out. The beats are great
Posted by blackfoot_female, Wed Jun-16-21 01:09 AM
Skyzoo is cool as an emcee, and these PR beats slam! Carry The Tradition is my joint!
3032990, Yeah, I really loved that album
Posted by DJR, Wed Jun-16-21 09:28 AM
Pete was on an absolute roll in ‘19.
3032939, Amazing!!!
Posted by stone_phalanges, Sun Jun-13-21 12:59 AM
This may be his best ever IMO. I'm not sure if he dumbed the flow down of if I just have gotten smarter, but I found this to be one his most easily digestible albums lyrically. Nothing against his skills, but alot of it always misses me.
3032941, Great album
Posted by Anonymous, Sun Jun-13-21 05:48 AM
Looking forward to giving this more spins.

Sky is one of the most consistent MCs.

I agree that he has his lane and his flow comes off repetitive but it’s so dope and still always sounds refreshing compared to other MCs to me.

He’s honestly been in my Top 5, maybe Top 3, favorites since 2010 or so....
3032943, I love this mofo
Posted by Geah, Sun Jun-13-21 09:53 AM
3032953, culture-ish
Posted by thebigfunk, Mon Jun-14-21 09:05 AM
The production and arrangement on that is ridiculously good and he floats just right on it.

Feeling like the second half of the record as a whole is just a crazy streak but the whole thing is no joke.

On the conversation about his style and flow: All I'll say right now is his rhymes are super dense and the flow is relentlessly driving -- he doesn't take a break and doesn't let the listener do so either, and I think that makes it hard to find an anchor for your ears. You're literally trying to catch up line for line, verse for verse.

I've come to terms with not understanding half his slang (which I think half of it is shit he makes up, lol) and just enjoying finding new lines to admire on every listen. In the big picture though I find him pretty accessible - might not understand every line but get the gist of a verse or a track as a whole - and his subject matter is much more diverse and rich (imo) than a lot of other top tier folks right now.

I do get the whole thing about his flow being monotonous but he switches up here and there, usually to good effect. "Reasons" from The Bluest Note comes to mind, probably one of my favorite tracks from him:



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3032955, Been chipping away at this album
Posted by , Mon Jun-14-21 10:22 AM

I've had to skip a few songs due to some of the beats, like the Roy Ayers Sunshine flip.... I couldn't hang in there with it, but overall, love me some Skyzoooooo and lyrics are dope as per usual.

... and yeah, he def stays in his lane, and I have no complaints there.

My favorite is still Peddlers theme.

3033025, love it
Posted by mista k5, Fri Jun-18-21 05:20 PM
i have a few AOTY contenders but i think this one is taking it. i think it has potential to be an all time favorite.

its interesting hearing a full skyzoo album again after those two EPs last year and the retropolitan joint. he goes to another level on this.

i loved the two EPs last year but i kind of forgot how much care he puts into full lengths.

definitely going to keep this in heavy rotation for a few weeks. the i was born to be a trapper song is the only one that i didnt really like the vibe of but i want to hear it again to catch the story. i liked it but didnt love it as much as the rest.

skyzoo is one of the best ever.
3033042, belated father's day reminder:
Posted by thebigfunk, Mon Jun-21-21 08:36 AM
Skyzoo put out "Milestones" last year, an EP on the theme of fathers/fatherhood. Probably not as thorough as The Bluest Note but still a good listen and something worth pulling out if the holiday's got you thinking about the topic at all.


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3033045, Culture-ish is bananas…
Posted by Dstl1, Mon Jun-21-21 09:34 AM
incredibly good. Still feeling out the album, as a whole. Don’t think it will end up being one of my faves, from Sky…but it will definitely get some more play.
3033074, Skyzoo explains how Phonte talked him out of retiring
Posted by DJR, Tue Jun-22-21 09:17 PM
Which he raps about on the last track on the album.

This is interesting because the first time I heard Skyzoo rap was on that LB Seperate But Equal mixtape.

3033248, The vinyl was announced and IMMEDIATELY sold out.
Posted by LeroyBumpkin, Wed Jun-30-21 07:45 PM

Happy it sold out, mad I didn't get one.
3033259, there was a preorder back in like april
Posted by mista k5, Thu Jul-01-21 09:24 AM
i got in on that one
3033260, Ah.
Posted by LeroyBumpkin, Thu Jul-01-21 09:28 AM
The picture he tweeted out must have been the vinyl pre-orders coming in.

Still mad I didn't cop one back then...ha.
3033261, dude is so consistent so hes basically an instant cop for me
Posted by mista k5, Thu Jul-01-21 09:44 AM
i dont need to hear a single. they were priced pretty good too. i think it was like $30 with tax.

i know my shop usually ends up with a few copies of records that sell out online. might be worth checking with yours.
3033263, i'm hoping it comes back in!
Posted by thebigfunk, Thu Jul-01-21 09:56 AM
I need to go back and get Retropolitan on vinyl, too.


~ i could still snort you under the table ~
3033264, I advise you check out the Mello Music Group website
Posted by Numba_33, Thu Jul-01-21 10:06 AM

This isn't always the case, but sometimes Mello Music Group does secondary variant reprints in different colors for their LP releases. They did this for the Skyzoo Retropolitan album and a pre-order is currently available for one.

It's possible one may drop for All The Brilliant Things some months down the line. I'm not sure if Mello Music Group announces the variant reprints in online newsletters, so your best bet might be to keep your eyes on that website some months down the line.
3033303, thanks for that
Posted by thebigfunk, Sat Jul-03-21 06:46 AM
I get their emails but don't always read them in time, lol. Going to pre-order that Retropolitan for sure!


~ i could still snort you under the table ~
3033344, You may not believe me when I type this but, there's a pre-order.
Posted by phemom, Wed Jul-07-21 10:24 PM
... from Target for $25. Did everyone know Target sold vinyl at fair prices? Do I need a late pass on this?

Ships on the 30th, doesn't say what color the vinyl is tho.

Also it looks like (after searching the UPC) that a lot of shops get them on the 29th or 30th.

I'm a sucker for colored vinyl tho, so I'm hoping this one isn't straight black.
3033349, retailers have been doing it but it seems random
Posted by mista k5, Thu Jul-08-21 10:05 AM
i found one of binary stars album on best buy. it was showing sold out everywhere else.

i dont like how little information they usually have on the pressing but i think theyre usually good.