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Topic subjectMach-Hommy - Pray For Haiti (2021) ...AOTY
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3032528, Mach-Hommy - Pray For Haiti (2021) ...AOTY
Posted by jaymack, Sat May-22-21 05:18 PM
Man. This guy is consistent.
3032529, Obviously I’m biased (look at my name)
Posted by DaKidFromHaiti, Sat May-22-21 05:40 PM
But this joint is really good, his best since HBO in my opinion. Wish a couple songs were longer or had more verses but I’m being picky, shit is great
3032530, Solid...but AOY?
Posted by KnowNaim_X, Sat May-22-21 08:40 PM
It's aight...

Maybe I need to give it more spins. So far a few songs stick out but that's about it.
3032552, ^ in this line
Posted by mista k5, Mon May-24-21 02:48 PM
3032612, right behind you
Posted by grey, Thu May-27-21 10:54 AM
3032531, I’m at the point of
Posted by Anonymous, Sat May-22-21 09:35 PM
Whenever I hear Westside Gunn...I turn that shit off yo

I can’t fathom how people listen to him.

I did like what I heard otherwise though.
3032594, His “I’m rich and you’re not” rants have gotten real old
Posted by DJR, Wed May-26-21 04:35 PM
If he’s just spitting, I can listen. But the rants where he’s not even rapping....heard one, you’ve heard them all. Not entertaining whatsoever.
3032602, His shit is as much a gimmick as a commercial rapper
Posted by Anonymous, Wed May-26-21 08:49 PM
The sound effects, the rants, the annoying voice.

It’s all done on purpose.

Dude said “I’m on the beach! When’s the last time yo feet was in the sand!”

That shit has got to be the weakest flex of all times son.
3032604, He’s made some great projects with great production
Posted by DJR, Wed May-26-21 09:39 PM
and I respect his hustle with everything he’s built and root for him in general.

But yeah, he’s gotten beyond repetitive to listen to with some of that stuff.
3032608, I honestly thought he had a really dope 2020
Posted by mrhood75, Thu May-27-21 02:27 AM
He put three top notch projects last year (especially Pray For Paris), and he very much toned down his schtick for those albums.

Before that, the only solo albums of his that I really connect with are the o.g. Flygod and Supreme Blientele.
3032622, Pray for Paris was dope and that came after HWH7
Posted by DJR, Thu May-27-21 05:32 PM
which I LOVED - though it was primarily the production.

The Flygod Is an Awesome God 2 and Who Made the Sunshine didn’t do a ton for me. There’s a couple cuts but other than that I doubt I’ll go back to those.

FlyGod, Supreme Blientele, HWH7, and Pray For Paris are all great to me though.

I’m not sure I want to hear 3 albums in a year from anyone though. Even Conway - I haven’t even given his latest much time at all. I’m still on From a King to a God.
3032605, Westside Gunn might be one of the worst rappers alive
Posted by guru0509, Thu May-27-21 12:45 AM
>Whenever I hear Westside Gunn...I turn that shit off yo
>I can’t fathom how people listen to him.
>I did like what I heard otherwise though.

One of the most annoying voices ever, besides Action Bronson.
3032535, Been waiting for him to dumb it down so i could show folks how lyrically.....
Posted by nativesun07, Sun May-23-21 12:11 PM
....superior he is. I been tryna tell folks and they don't hear wtf yo putting down.

he simplified himself so people could say "ayoooo! rewind that!!!"

I might fill this post with quotables myself if yawl don't keep this on the 1st page
3032578, I hope you do. His shit very subtle
Posted by T Reynolds, Wed May-26-21 08:48 AM
3032539, im soooo happy sampling is back in
Posted by tomjohn29, Sun May-23-21 07:15 PM
I cleared the sample for the 2nd song
Griselda is paying my bonus the past few years
3032545, Straight fire. I need to hear his older stuff
Posted by BrooklynWHAT, Mon May-24-21 11:27 AM
3032546, Well, then I hope you have an extra $10,000 at your disposal
Posted by mrhood75, Mon May-24-21 12:31 PM
Nah, my bad, I'm just being a jackass. Some of his older stuff is out there.

Haitian Body Odor, the album that put him on the map and probably his best, is still on Soundcloud.

Mach's Hard Lemonade (his project from last year), Fete Des Morts (his EP produced by Earl Sweatshirt), Bulletproof Luh, and big albums he did with Muggs are up on most streaming service. Plus two EPs he did with Tha God Fahim.

His other projects can be found out there, you just gotta look in the right places.
3032551, You gotta check out HBO
Posted by High Society, Mon May-24-21 02:09 PM
Haitian Body Odor
It’s on SC & YT, not on Spotify, tidal, etc.
It’s my favorite MACH-HOMMY album.
He’s also got a few new albums with god Fahim and your old Droog.
I was surprised YOD wasn’t on PFH
3032554, thanks to both of yall on the recs. i am diving in
Posted by BrooklynWHAT, Mon May-24-21 06:44 PM
3032617, Wide Berth…with the God Fahim, is one of my favorites
Posted by Dstl1, Thu May-27-21 04:06 PM
3032547, Yeah, this is really good
Posted by mrhood75, Mon May-24-21 12:51 PM
I'm not sure if its his best, or the best album of the year so far, but I really enjoy it. Beats are banging and Mach's verses are murderous.
3032595, One of the best of the year
Posted by Ishwip, Wed May-26-21 05:28 PM
I don't believe he's Griselda "proper", but I've enjoyed this more than any of their recent releases (which I've liked too).

I don't like the beat anymore because its just a loop. ALC didn't FLIP IT ENOUGH!

Flip it enough? Flip these. Flip off. Go flip some f*cking burgers.(c)Kno

Allied State of the National Electric Beat Treaty Organization (NEBTO)
3032606, im too old for this and the god fahim. i dont get it the appeal of this flow
Posted by guru0509, Thu May-27-21 12:47 AM
>Man. This guy is consistent.

ill just stick to benny.
3032611, Really enjoying this, hadn't really gotten into Mach before
Posted by Oak27, Thu May-27-21 10:54 AM
When I first heard him on some guest spots on a Droog album a few years ago I wasn't enjoying him as a rapper, though I dug his production. Might have to go back and see if he's just clicking for me now or if this album is just an exception.
3032696, Damn.okay..this is actually really good
Posted by tully_blanchard, Mon May-31-21 11:15 AM


Fuck aliens




3032704, He’s Griselda-adjacent? I like this more than Griselda’s usual stuff
Posted by Tiger Woods, Tue Jun-01-21 06:47 AM
I find I like the idea of Griselda more than I like their actual output. They suffer from what a lot of tradition-based rappers struggle from...cool concepts and delivery but the songs aren’t there.

This Mach album however is an exception. This is really strong, and the references are like little Easter eggs sprinkled throughout. It’s fun when you get one
3032709, Years ago he was a Griselda affiliate
Posted by DJR, Tue Jun-01-21 09:29 AM
and worked heavily with Westside Gunn as he was making his name. Then they went their separate ways and didn’t work together for years.

But yeah, this album is on Griselda Records, and WestSide Gunn executive produced it.
3032890, Sheesh, this is good…
Posted by Dstl1, Thu Jun-10-21 02:40 PM
I haven’t even been able to get to Syzoo, yet. So many good tracks. Folie A Deux is my joint…I could play that repeatedly. Makrel Jaxon feels like it could have been on Donuts. Marie is hard as hell. Au Revoir is probably my second fave. Good ass album, man.
3033504, the beat on Folie A Deux had me like...man.
Posted by LeroyBumpkin, Tue Jul-20-21 10:26 AM
3033208, ...wtf you thinkin? I put that biscuit to your tee like its england
Posted by nativesun07, Mon Jun-28-21 10:54 AM
3033217, exceptional
Posted by bearfield, Mon Jun-28-21 04:15 PM
mach says he's on his 50 cent dumbed down flow but it's still really intricate and dense. the only track i didn't like was "folie a deux." the rest was superb. hard pressed to come up with any criticisms of this project. phenomenal beats and bars. world class stuff
3034052, HBO now on streaming BTW
Posted by Oak27, Tue Aug-17-21 12:10 PM
3035078, Late for this- it’s very good
Posted by makaveli, Thu Oct-07-21 01:09 PM
Is that Kings of Leon sampled on Au Revoir?