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Topic subjectHe showed promise on songs like Just Begun
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3032745, He showed promise on songs like Just Begun
Posted by spirit, Thu Jun-03-21 08:29 AM
He also put out a heartfelt BLM song (that he never put on an album). Most of his album discography would land him in the C plus category in the golden era, but he sounds great next to a lot of his contemporaries. He has a couple of different flows. I hear his last album is his best, likely because he produces far fewer beats on it than his other releases.

LOL at TV show they can’t clear songs.

He’s the kind of guy who would say he idolized, say, Canibus, but wouldn’t get on a song with him, even now, because he would probably get burned (even though that guy isn’t in peak 97 form, I think he’d show out if given an opening).


Spirit (Alan)