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3032302, RE: I've got all of them on vinyl...
Posted by thebigfunk, Wed May-05-21 11:08 AM
Nice -- how's the vinyl quality? I might go back and try and pick these up if they're still available -- it would be nice to have as a set. I noticed they were running some sort of subscription thing through their website -- price didn't look too bad either.

>I was disappointed in the Roy Ayers release. I was expecting a
>bit more of his sound. There are flashes of it but its
>drenched too much in that Younge sound (not taking anything
>away from him tho). I'm really interested in the Brian Jackson
>release coming up.

I think this is my biggest issue with the series and I'm still not sure how I feel about it overall. They've definitely established a sound for the series - very much in Younge's general vein - and at times it does feel like it almost overshadows the style and feel of the lead.

But I'm actually going back this week and listening to each release and a few of each artist's older releases -- using it to dig into stuff I love and haven't listened to in a while as well as stuff that's more new to me. Maybe I'll feel differently listening to the records in the context of each artist's larger discography.


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