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Topic subjectThe Jazz Is Dead series so far...
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3032286, The Jazz Is Dead series so far...
Posted by thebigfunk, Tue May-04-21 08:34 AM
Any thoughts on the JID series so far?


I read this article about the Muhammad/Younge-produced Jazz is Dead series -- it's a good read, focusing more on the recent Gary Bartz record but touching on the series as a whole. There are now five dedicated albums plus the anthology with which the series launched:

Jazz is Dead 001 (Anthology)
Roy Ayers
Marcos Valle
Doug Carn
Gary Bartz

I'll come back in a bit and rank these after giving each another listen or check-in, but all of these have stayed in fairly relative rotation since their relase for me. That new Bartz release might be my favorite of the bunch though.

Anyhow, any thoughts about the series so far? What have been your favorite entries? Least favorite? Disappointments?

(Next up is Joao Donato.)


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