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3032328, Noooope.
Posted by Brew, Thu May-06-21 11:30 PM
I agree that Pt.2 was underrated and got better as the years went on. And I agree that lyrically Nas painted one hell of a picture in Pt.2.

But NY State of Mind was never underrated, and never required time for our ears to adjust. And Nas painted ONE HELL OF A MOTHERFUCKERING PICTURE in Pt.1. "It was fulla children prolly/couldn't see as high as I be"

The beat on "NY State of Mind" can't ever be touched. Even the almighty Nas didn't know how to start that shit. But then he did.

There's really no comparison to be had here. Per usual, it was a mistake to do a sequel. Should've just forgone the common intro and made "Pt.2" an entirely new song with an entirely new title. Because as you guys have rightly said, it's an incredible song with an incredible beat. But it deserves to stand on its own just like The Real NY State of Mind does.

(Full disclosure: I auto-discriminate against sequels of any kind lol)