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Topic subjectNew Release Friday - 2021-04-30
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3032190, New Release Friday - 2021-04-30
Posted by thebigfunk, Fri Apr-30-21 08:34 AM
A few things right out the gate:

* new single from Jessie Ware, "Please"

This is in advance of a deluxe edition of What's Your Pleasure. I get tired of deluxe editions and they are all the rage right now (somewhat understandably in the age of COVID) BUT her deluxe extra tracks are often really, really good so I'm really not complaining.

* Alchemist - This Thing of Ours EP feat Earl, Navy Blue, Pink Siifu, and others

* new single from Skyzoo, "Bed-stuy is burning" in advance of his upcoming album All the Brilliant Things

I think Flying Lotus has something new out. Lots of other more random stuff out there.

What's everyone checking for?


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