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Topic subjectRZA - "Pugilism" - "Digital potions" - “Saturday Afternoon Kung-Fu Theater”
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3032174, RZA - "Pugilism" - "Digital potions" - “Saturday Afternoon Kung-Fu Theater”
Posted by c71, Wed Apr-28-21 08:38 PM




RZA Releases New Bobby Digital Track ‘Pugilism’ From Upcoming Album, Digital Potions

It coincides with the new 'Saturday Afternoon Kung-Fu Theater'

Josh Chesler @jcchesler | April 21, 2021 - 3:48 pm

RZA helmed one of the most influential rap groups of all time: Wu-Tang Clan. So it only makes sense that he would want to direct films like the 2012 martial arts flick The Man with the Iron Fists. He also scored Jim Jarmusch’s Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai and Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill. In addition to scoring and directing, RZA has also acted in several movies. He played an undercover cop in the Denzel Washington-starring American Gangster (2007) and a hilarious deli worker alongside Seth Rogen in Funny People (2009).CREDIT: Universal Pictures

The always-busy RZA is back with not one, but two new announcements today.

The legendary rapper, producer, and filmmaker dropped a brand new track titled “Pugilism” as the first single off of his upcoming album, Bobby Digital: Digital Potions. It’s the Wu-Tang Clan leader’s first new release as Bobby Digital since 2008’s Digi Snacks, and promises to continue the narrative that began with 1998’s Bobby Digital In Stereo.

Check out the new DJ Scratch-produced track below.

In addition to the new song and album, the RZA also announced today his latest project in the world of cinema, “Saturday Afternoon Kung-Fu Theater” for his 36 Cinema screening platform. Initially launched last year as a way for the artist to share some of his favorite kung-fu and culturally important films — complete with commentary from RZA himself and special guests — the platform helped to raise money for independent theaters struggling throughout the pandemic.

Now, 36 Cinema returns with a brand new slate of programming, where the hip-hop icon will share more of his favorite martial arts films every Saturday beginning April 24 alongside a new group of special guests.

Tickets and information on the first screening (this weekend’s showing of Heroes of the East) are available through the 36 Cinema website.
3032175, I don't know about the track
Posted by topaz, Thu Apr-29-21 06:44 AM
The beat just isn't very interesting, the vocal mix sounds a bit rough, and WTF is with that ending? I didn't love Digi Snacks either, so can't say I'm looking forward to the new album.
3032176, RE: I don't know about the track
Posted by spidey, Thu Apr-29-21 09:29 AM
Agreed. Straight boring, lyrics and beat...
3032321, AHAHAH, the kung fu sounds during the chorus and
Posted by Adwhizz, Thu May-06-21 06:27 PM
that fool rapping at the end made for some unintentional comedy

Rza might be the best "bad" rapper of all time. He's definitely a great beat maker, had a great mind for business and his lyrics aren't bad persay, but his voice/delivery is just so awkward

I actually liked the first few Bobby Digi albums so I'll probably check this out
3032322, RE: AHAHAH, the kung fu sounds during the chorus and
Posted by javi222, Thu May-06-21 06:48 PM
Rza ‘s flow and voice over time deteriorated... not sure if its due to his lisp or his constant screaming during the gravediggaz era...

However... from 93-2000s, he was most certainly an elite rapper. I dont think a bad rapper could come up with tracks like Sunshower and Twelve Jewelz..