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Topic subjectkiefer - between days
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3032159, kiefer - between days
Posted by rmcphedr, Wed Apr-28-21 11:13 AM
sweet new EP from kiefer...


Superhero is very dope, as is the Everybody Loves the Sunshine cover. Feels like he is getting better and better with each release.

Anyone else checked it out?
3032166, I have it in my queue
Posted by JtothaI, Wed Apr-28-21 05:06 PM
Saw it last week and marked it to listen to when I get a chance.

I saw him live opening for Moonchild on LA not long before Covid and he put on a nice set.
3032170, RE: kiefer - between days
Posted by spidey, Wed Apr-28-21 06:09 PM