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Topic subjectMyka 9 - Nine Clouds
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3032129, Myka 9 - Nine Clouds
Posted by javi222, Mon Apr-26-21 09:14 PM
I had no idea Myka 9 had released an album this year. Its short, but a solid album



Microphone Mike 1:58 ft. Dj Essential
Cloud Nine 4:00
Fresh Dope 3:13 ft. Aceyalone
Joy & Pain 4:30 ft. Blu
Satisfy My Soul 4:18 ft. Abstract Rude & Joaquin Daniels
Keep Keepin On 3:01 ft. Lily Fangz
City Dreams 3:42 ft Blueprint
Time Will Tell 4:09 ft. The Grouch & Eligh
It’s All Profound 1:53