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Topic subjectRacquel Rodriguez - Sweet Side
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3032151, Racquel Rodriguez - Sweet Side
Posted by JtothaI, Tue Apr-27-21 06:32 PM
Out of LA, she's dropped single all year and finally dropped the entire album. Smooth, 90s influenced R&B with a VOICE.

She's very natural and makes her vocals look so easy and effortless and is funny and has a good interaction with her band in the live videos.

She's been livestreaming with a couple band members during the pandemic, and she has some horns and background vocals on an MPC that she punches in herself while singing.

My personal favorite album of the year and maybe more.

Sweet Side

Undone (one of those songs with kinda sad lyrics but is uptempo and makes you want to get up)

And because it's OKP..a D'Angelo cover

She's got a prettyy good sized catalog on bandcamp too.