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3032095, ?uest had some nice comments
Posted by obsidianchrysalis, Fri Apr-23-21 10:18 PM

To the child of the P. So much wisdom. I did like 4 drafts & erased them—-because I know we all will collectively share awesome tidbits about his production prowess & creativity.
I personally wanna say the song that struck a chord w me on #SexPackets (lol they knew about viagra before WE DID) was #Gutfest89 (“cray-ze-guts-CRAY-ZEEE-guts”) that intro man. It planted a seed. Pre-91 the only “festival” we truly knew about was Woodstock (I hear a rumor there was a black Woodstock in Harlem in 196—nevermind 🙄) LOL——besides the one off Live Aid in 85 & Farm Aid——festivals really weren’t a thing thing in the US (hence the Roots moving to Europe in 93 where there was 700+ festivals all over) so back in 89 in which #ShockG does this “reporter on the street bit” in which he basically describes #lollapalooza some two years b4 it entered into our conversation. I mean yeah back in late 60s w #BillGraham it was some radical shit having #MilesDavis & #GratefulDead on the same bill....but for me to hear Shock’s dream lineup (The Clash/The Who/EPMD/Chick Corea/Herbie Hancock) I was like (18 yrs old back then) “psssssh yeah right they crazy”——but always in the back of my mind: wonder if there will ever come a day in which a lineup as diverse as my record collection could do a show and everyone be aboard: like The Police/Run DMC/Tito Puente/Stevie Wonder/Squeeze/Doug E Fresh & The Get Fresh Crew ——mostly I was like “maybe one day”—-but man, that one song changed my idea of cross genres & expanding my vocabulary.
This is a tragic tragic situation. So sad. Rip #ShockG