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Topic subjectShock G Died????
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3032057, Shock G Died????
Posted by spidey, Thu Apr-22-21 08:30 PM
Say it ain't so...
3032059, TMZ is reporting so
Posted by obsidianchrysalis, Thu Apr-22-21 09:11 PM


Shock G, famous for Digital Underground's hit song "The Humpty Dance" and his work with Tupac Shakur, is dead.

The rap legend was found dead Thursday in a hotel room in Tampa ... according to his father, Edward Racker.

We're told the cause of death is unclear but there were no signs of trauma. Shock's father says authorities will conduct and autopsy.

Shock G was the lead singer for the pioneering hip hop group Digital Underground, and he gets into character as his alter ego, "Humpty Hump," for the group's famous 1989 song and dance.

Shock was also known for his collabs with 2Pac ... he's featured on Pac's 1993 song "I Get Around" and he was one of the producers on Tupac's 1991 debut solo album, "2Pacalypse Now."

In fact, Shock G helped introduce 2Pac to the music world ... Pac was a member of Digital Underground when he appeared on the group's 1991 song and music video, "Same Song," for his first published work.

Shock G was born and raised on the East Coast, but he eventually settled in Oakland, where he formed Digital Underground in the late 1980s with Chopmaster J and Kenneth Water.

In addition to his work with 2Pac, Shock G produced songs for Dr. Dre, Prince and KRS-One, just to name a few.

Shock G was 57.

3032060, mrHood can speak better about his local impact to the Bay
Posted by obsidianchrysalis, Thu Apr-22-21 09:13 PM
But DU had a unique sound and a strong impact on hip hop.

He seemed to be a good guy off the stage as well.

3032065, Probably THEE single most important person in Bay Area Hip Hop
Posted by blackfoot_female, Thu Apr-22-21 11:19 PM
I can only think of a few names up with him, and can't see how I'd put anyone above him.
3032066, RE: TMZ is reporting so
Posted by spidey, Thu Apr-22-21 11:35 PM
Damn, the man responsible for one of the first characters in Hip Hop I saw as a child, creative brother...R.I.P.
3032067, This is a really tough one to process
Posted by mrhood75, Fri Apr-23-21 01:18 AM
Gonna just be throwing thoughts out here, because this is tough to write.

Shock G may have been born and raised in Tampa, but he was a legend out in the Bay. Too Short was the grandfather to this entire scene, and Shock G was the crazy-ass, funky uncle.

He was a musical genius. Visionary. Great producer. Great artist (as in, drawings). Great eye for talent. Obviously a whole lotta people came up in the D.U. camp. He really did pattern himself off of George Clinton in some many respects, from every to the high concept albums and songs, to the massive amount of musicians and rappers that he worked with. And really, no one in hip-hop could "commit to the bit" like Shock.

Anyway, I grew up on his music. "Sex Packets" is such a fun and creative album. Sons of the P is nearly as good in some ways. I also really enjoy the group's maligned/ignored mid 1990s albums, from Body "Hat Syndrome" to "Future Rhythms" to "Who Got the Gravy?"

Dude really looked out for his crew too. It's been talked about on here, but Shock is the one the revealed how bad of a shape Saafir was in, and really made his best efforts to look out for him and get him the medical attention that he needed.

Not enough gets mentioned about his production skills. Besides all the D.U. stuff, he worked well with lots of other artists, producing absolute heat for artists Saafir, the Luniz, and MURS. It's really a fucking shame that the album he produced for No Face during Interscope's early days never saw the light of day (I'm not even sure if it was completed).

He was also incredibly influential. As Jesse Thorn (aka Polarbeartoenails) wrote, it's hard to imagine the Hyphy movement or Mac Dre's late career surge happening with Shock G and Digital Underground setting the groundwork.

Shock G had a lot of issues and demons. He took care of others, but he was coping with a lot himself. It's awful that he's gone at 57. Rest in Peace.
3032069, 3 rappers in they 50’s, all in a wk’s time-
Posted by kinetic94761180, Fri Apr-23-21 08:17 AM
3032071, Genius
Posted by OKdamn, Fri Apr-23-21 09:44 AM
One of the great producers...RIP
3032085, As an east coast nigga (if that even matters), this hurts
Posted by spenzalii, Fri Apr-23-21 01:40 PM
Shock was definitely ahead of his time. Probably the George Clinton of our time, considering how DU was set up and strung together. Sons Of The P is a forgotten, and tantastic, follow up to the classic Sex Packets. Boddy Hats, Future Rhythms, Gravy etc. all has the same feel and sound. It was great music, no matter where you were, and regardless if it you saw Shock as is or Hump with the nose and cigar.

This sux. RIP
3032092, RE: Shock G Died????
Posted by howardlloyd, Fri Apr-23-21 03:33 PM
pure legend

humpty is one of the greatest beats of all time. a beat so ill, a legion of rappers jacked it and no one even dissed the move!

loved sex packets... and i get around is my favorite pac song

Rip Shock. thanks for the inspiration
3032095, ?uest had some nice comments
Posted by obsidianchrysalis, Fri Apr-23-21 10:18 PM

To the child of the P. So much wisdom. I did like 4 drafts & erased them—-because I know we all will collectively share awesome tidbits about his production prowess & creativity.
I personally wanna say the song that struck a chord w me on #SexPackets (lol they knew about viagra before WE DID) was #Gutfest89 (“cray-ze-guts-CRAY-ZEEE-guts”) that intro man. It planted a seed. Pre-91 the only “festival” we truly knew about was Woodstock (I hear a rumor there was a black Woodstock in Harlem in 196—nevermind 🙄) LOL——besides the one off Live Aid in 85 & Farm Aid——festivals really weren’t a thing thing in the US (hence the Roots moving to Europe in 93 where there was 700+ festivals all over) so back in 89 in which #ShockG does this “reporter on the street bit” in which he basically describes #lollapalooza some two years b4 it entered into our conversation. I mean yeah back in late 60s w #BillGraham it was some radical shit having #MilesDavis & #GratefulDead on the same bill....but for me to hear Shock’s dream lineup (The Clash/The Who/EPMD/Chick Corea/Herbie Hancock) I was like (18 yrs old back then) “psssssh yeah right they crazy”——but always in the back of my mind: wonder if there will ever come a day in which a lineup as diverse as my record collection could do a show and everyone be aboard: like The Police/Run DMC/Tito Puente/Stevie Wonder/Squeeze/Doug E Fresh & The Get Fresh Crew ——mostly I was like “maybe one day”—-but man, that one song changed my idea of cross genres & expanding my vocabulary.
This is a tragic tragic situation. So sad. Rip #ShockG
3032099, Oregano Flow
Posted by DJR, Sat Apr-24-21 08:33 AM
3032105, Rest In Power To Shock G. aka Humpty Hump aka Piano Man
Posted by Dj Joey Joe, Sat Apr-24-21 08:15 PM
This is really some sad news, dude was mad talented, very modest about his skills, and always was one of the underdogs of the west coast hip-hop scene who would rather promote an artist he liked than himself; rest in peace to the legend Shock G..

3032130, Aka MC Blowfish
Posted by The3rdOne, Mon Apr-26-21 09:33 PM
3032131, i feel as though Shock's musicality
Posted by The3rdOne, Mon Apr-26-21 09:40 PM
gave birth to Tha Pharcyde's J-Sw!ft.....who's musicality gave birth to Dilla. These cats had That live instrumentation/beat making fusion down to a certain science. Shock was a son of the P....but damned if he didn't birth many sons of the 'G'. I had the honor of meeting him, joining the whole underground dancing on stage, and interviewing that genius mind. RIP Shock G. You did the world so good.