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Topic subjectWhy are there no successors to The Roots?
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3031909, Why are there no successors to The Roots?
Posted by obsidianchrysalis, Sat Apr-17-21 07:09 PM
It's odd how popular live instrumentation during concerts has gotten yet there is not a hip hop (that I know of. I could be very mistaken) that uses live instruments as part of their standard sound besides The Roots. I guess you could count Robert Glasper. But that group doesn't have an MC perse, like Thought. He just has MCs rotate in and out of the lineup.

Granted, The Roots is made up of some legendary musicians who have touched many genres with great music. So, the likelihood of a group meeting with not only the interest but the talent and skill to pull off what The Roots do is very small.

But you'd figure some aspiring hip-hop head would pull his boys (and gals) together and form a group.