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Topic subjectCrooklyn vs. Return Of the Crooklyn Dodgers
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3031816, Crooklyn vs. Return Of the Crooklyn Dodgers
Posted by LeroyBumpkin, Wed Dec-31-69 07:00 PM

Poll question: Crooklyn vs. Return Of the Crooklyn Dodgers

Poll result (33 votes)
Q-Tip, Buckshot, Special Ed, Masta Ace (11 votes)Vote
DJ Premier, Chubb Rock, OC, Jeru Tha Damaja (22 votes)Vote


3031817, Return
Posted by Anonymous, Thu Apr-15-21 09:30 AM
I’m voting for anything with OC though so I’m biased.
3031818, 95
Posted by Nabs, Thu Apr-15-21 10:00 AM
That beat speaks to my soul and Chubb set it off with a perfect verse.

But that's not to knock the OG. Give me both tracks on a deserted island and I'm good.
3031820, Blue ALL FUCKING DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by Dstl1, Thu Apr-15-21 11:43 AM
3031823, Almost impossible
Posted by OKdamn, Thu Apr-15-21 12:30 PM
..but slight edge for Premo
3031827, “Return...” might be the best song ever made
Posted by DJR, Thu Apr-15-21 01:25 PM
3031828, Haha it's up there.
Posted by Brew, Thu Apr-15-21 02:11 PM
Preem went in on that beat.

Just saw that it's finally on Spotify. Love this track.
3031834, Ha! (edit) Is this considered a remix?
Posted by LeroyBumpkin, Thu Apr-15-21 04:31 PM
And if so, is it the best ever?
3031853, Good question. And if so, yes.
Posted by Brew, Thu Apr-15-21 11:20 PM
>And if so, is it the best ever?

Can't even think of a song that could challenge it, if it qualifies.
3031843, ORIGINAL ALL DAY...
Posted by My_SP1200_Broken_Again, Thu Apr-15-21 06:48 PM
...Part 2 is one of the best songs of 95 tho

3031844, I gotta go with Masta Ace, Special Ed and Buckshot.
Posted by Shaun Tha Don, Thu Apr-15-21 07:15 PM
3031846, RE: Crooklyn vs. Return Of the Crooklyn Dodgers
Posted by spidey, Thu Apr-15-21 07:51 PM
The original, but both are classics...
3031849, Very close....Buckshot’s flow murders
Posted by Roadblock, Thu Apr-15-21 09:27 PM
Ace’s verse always stood out
Took me a minute to recognize BDI

Return is Prime Premo
Prefer Jeru over Chubb
3031887, crazy ass crooklyn kids......
Posted by maro, Fri Apr-16-21 06:48 PM
We busted endless freestyles to this instrumental... on wax.

As if Jeru wasn't already killin it, he just feasts on this track. Plus OC and Chubb Rock. Everything about this record is perfection.

3031906, Return
Posted by 3xKrazy, Sat Apr-17-21 04:46 PM
3031908, The original
Posted by obsidianchrysalis, Sat Apr-17-21 07:04 PM
If only for those snares. Just wow.

But 'Return' is dope in its own right. It's more melancholy and I think that's for the best. If Return was just Crookyln, Part II, it wouldn't have held up after all these years.
3031914, Return
Posted by catalyst, Sat Apr-17-21 09:44 PM
For Chubb’s verse.
3031927, Peace to the East New York, Perverted Monks, and Mike Tyson…
Posted by Gemini_Two_One, Sun Apr-18-21 01:53 PM
I love both but it's Return for me.
Keep the crack raps up that shit is double plus what-ever-the-fuck.
Everybody's afraid to say that it just sucks to watch talented motherfuckers pretending they sell drugs - EL-P
3031971, Roja
Posted by grey, Tue Apr-20-21 05:05 PM
Lil unfair cuz I associate it with a movie I love.

Ace was surfing tho.
3031981, The name alone holds godly
Posted by spenzalii, Tue Apr-20-21 10:13 PM
OC was on fire
3031985, Chubb Rock gives one of his best verses he's ever spit.
Posted by Sleepy, Tue Apr-20-21 11:43 PM
This is an unfair question though. Both are undeniable classics, but I prefer "Return". I did a report on "Return" for my high school English class. I had the cassette single, and played it all the time.
3032201, need a “who had the best verse out of these two songs” spin-off poll
Posted by DJR, Sat May-01-21 12:10 PM
I’d have to think long and hard about who to vote for.
3032248, That wouldn't be a fair poll IMO.
Posted by Numba_33, Mon May-03-21 07:41 AM
In the first Crooklyn Dodgers song, the three artists had two verses apiece. On the second version, all three only had one verse apiece.

Not a fair comparison IMO.
3032035, whichever one you picked go listen to the other
Posted by FunkyBoss, Thu Apr-22-21 12:24 PM
you most likely be like, oh but this one nice too hold up i forgot this knocks
3032199, I agree
Posted by obsidianchrysalis, Fri Apr-30-21 11:14 PM
I think if you prefer production, you like the original but if you like lyrics you prefer Return.

Both are nothing but dope.
3032197, Houseshoes told a story of buying the MasterDisk at Amoeba
Posted by blackfoot_female, Fri Apr-30-21 05:36 PM
and giving it to Premo